a. Local History Writing Seminar Qualification of the Proponent: 1. Non-governmental organizations; 2. Public/ private universities/colleges; 3. Local government units Requirements for submission:  1. Seminar Module; 2. Program of activities with date and venue of implementation; 3. Curricula vitae of speakers; 4. Profile of target participants; 5. Expected output of activity; 6. Detailed line-item budget. continue reading

PNVSCA launches the 2015 Search for Outstanding Volunteers

view all announcements MISO 05.27.2015 The Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA), once again takes the lead in recognizing champions of volunteerism as it launches the 2015 Search for Outstanding Volunteers (SOV).                             The yearly search aims to give recognition to the continue reading

Philippine Dance Research and Documentation

Back to Article List BASILIO ESTEBAN S. VILLARUZ             As a process of retrieving information on the ways of dancing, dance research occupies a limited sector in Philippine scholarship.  By the ephemeral nature of dance, this scholarship is still to be fully oriented to understand and cope with the art and its practice.  More developed continue reading

Historical Research

The National Committee on Historical Research (NCHR), under the Subcommission on Cultural Heritage (SCH), is one of the 19 national committees under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the cultural arm of the government. It is composed of representatives from the National Historical Institute, national historical associations and local historical societies, universities continue reading


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In Focus: A Multi-level Event in Search of the Filipino

Back to article list A Multi-level Event in Search of the Filipino June 21, 2004 The Heritage Academies of Phil. Inc. (HAPI) presents a multi-level event to probe into the Filipino psyche. The project consists of arts exhibitions, rituals, film showings and round-table discussions-cum-workshops lined-up in support of an international conference titled “Pagkataong Pilipino-Looking for continue reading

Gender Equality Committee Launches Search for Gender-Fair Media

view all press releases 01.22.2015 To give due recognition to gender-fair practices in Movie, Print and Broadcast Media, the Gender Equality Committee (GEC) has launched a nationwide search for recipients of GAD Transformation and Institutionalization through Mainstreaming of Programs, Agenda Linkages and Advocacies (GADtimpala) Awards. The GADtimpala Awards is an incentive awards system that recognizes continue reading