I. Directory of SR Branches


A. Policy and Procedure


1. The SENTRO RIZAL overseas branch may be an existing library or Filipino center, or an office/center under the jurisdiction of the Philippine posts overseas that has a rich collection of at least 75% of the entire library’s collection of materials on Philippine culture and arts including information on Philippine tourism, economics and trade/investments, etc.. The library or center may request from the NCCA the renaming of the unit/office within the Philippine post or an existing Filipino Center to SENTRO RIZAL Branch.

2. The Location of the proposed SR Branch must be strategic and should cater to a large population of Filipinos in the area or community.

3. The SR branch should at least have a provision for internet access.

4. The following are the basic materials that a Sentro Rizal branch should contain: (in various formats/multi-media form such as print/publications, CDs/DVDs, internet / webpage, etc.)

Philippine History
Filipino languages
Dictionaries (cultural, vernacular, Filipino, etc.)
Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines
Filipino Cuisine
Art magazines, journals, brochures, etc.
Folklore, Folk arts, Folk tales, Myths and Legends
Other references and materials that will promote Philippine culture and arts

5. The SR branch should have a short and long term plan of activities to promote Philippine history, culture and arts that will have to be conducted regularly, such as exhibits, performances, poetry readings, story-telling and the like. The NCCA will be able to assist only if the plans and programs will be submitted a year ahead of its implementation date so that it can be included in the budget of the SR Main Office in the NCCA.

The Philippine posts and/or organized Filipino centers abroad that are interested in establishing a SENTRO RIZAL (SR) Branch should observe the following procedures:

1. Send a Letter of Intent or Interest in establishing a SENTRO RIZAL, addressed to the Chairman of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) located at 633 General Luna St. Intramuros Manila 1002 or through email at oc@ncca.gov.ph.

2. The letter should be accompanied with the following:

2.1 Profile of the proposed SR branch (to include the exact address or location; its existing facilities, furniture and equipment; its staffing; statistical data on its target client reach/stakeholders, and other pertinent data or information)
2.2 Inventory list of holdings/collections of materials (books/magazines/CDs/DVDs etc.) on Philippine Culture and Arts
2.3 Photos of the facilities of the proposed SR Branch
2.4 Short term (1-3 years) and long term (5-10 years) plan of activities in relation to the promotion of Philippine Culture and Arts (Gantt Chart and Work and Financial Plan)
2.5 List of partners/linkages for the implementation of activities
2.6 For organized Filipino centers: endorsement letter from the corresponding Philippine diplomatic post (if possible)

3. The Office of the Chairman shall convene an evaluation panel/body to review and assess the documents submitted by the applicant (Head of the Philippine posts or Head of the Filipino Organization/Center, etc.). The panel may be composed of a representative from DFA, representative from CFO or NCCA ED. The panel shall submit its recommendation to the Chairman, then the NCCA Chairman shall either approve or disapprove the request. The NCCA SR staff shall act as the secretariat or coordinator of the panel/body.

4. The NCCA SR staff shall inform the applicant of the decision of the Chairman. If approved, the NCCA shall issue a Certificate of Title naming the center/office as SENTRO RIZAL. The certified SR Branch head/applicant shall take care of the signage, the design of which shall be provided by the NCCA.

5. For documentary and posterity purpose, the newly named SR Branch may hold a simple inauguration of the SR with the presence of the designated NCCA Official /Representative and the DFA/Consul/Official, CFO official, country representative where the SR is located and other guests, such as officials/diplomats of foreign embassies, business sectors/partners, and the like.

6. The newly established SENTRO RIZAL shall be considered as an NCCA Sentro Rizal branch and will be assisted by the NCCA in acquiring materials on Philippine culture and arts through solicitation/donation; such as the NCCA Agung which is a regular publication and other NCCA funded publications through the grants program. And will be assisted in its programs and projects subject to the submission of the short/long term and/or approval by the NCCA/DFA of the Work and Financial Plan of the SR Branch and subject to the availability of funds in the annual budget of the NCCA SR Main Office.

B. SR Functions

Role of the NCCA SR Main Branch in relation to SR branches:
• Provide the embassy/consulate/ any interested institution with adequate information about the role and functions of SR;
• Assist SR Branches in the following:
– Identifying resource persons for the conduct of lectures/workshops relevant to Philippine culture and the arts, such as dance; rondalla/music training; language courses; culinary arts demonstrations, etc.
– Securing films that may be shown for the holding of Film festivals;
– Identifying artists/performers for cultural performances;
– Providing lists of significant materials on Philippine culture and arts to enhance library collection;
– Sourcing of exhibition materials on Philippine culture and arts and facilitating preparations for the event;
• Provide trainings for Cultural Attache/ Officers of Philippine posts in-charge of Sentro Rizal;
• Advise any SR branch with proposed activities which could be undertaken; and
• Monitor the activities of SR branches.

Role of the SR Branches
• Act as lead implementer of Sentro Rizal’s programs and activities in their respective countries;
• Coordinate with the main SR regularly regarding the execution and assessment of their programs;
• Establish a well-connected networking on resource sharing and partnership with other institutions/ organizations including Filipino communities in their countries;
• Ensure participation of Overseas Filipinos in their programs and activities; and
• Submit short term (1-3 years) and long term (5-10 years) plan of activities in relation to the promotion of Philippine Culture and Arts to the main SR a year ahead of its implementation date