The National Committee on Northern Cultural Communities, under the Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts (SCCTA), is one of the 19 national committees of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the cultural arm of the government. It is composed of cultural leaders and workers (including cultural administrators, researchers, culture bearers, artists, and practitioners), representatives of non-government organizations, people’s organizations, including local government units or individuals knowledgeable in the culture of the northern cultural communities and who work for the protection, promotion and development of the northern cultural communities and their traditional arts.

The Executive Council shall consist of 15 members from legitimate community-based IP organizations representing the major cultural communities from Regions I, II, III and CAR as follows:

Region I
1. Ilocano
2. Bolinao/ Pangasinense

Region II
3. Gaddang/ Isinay
4. Bugkalot
5. Ibanag/ Yogad/ Itawit/ Malaweg/ Ilongot
6. Agta (Dumagat)/ Kasiguranin
7. Ivatan/ Itbayat

Region III
8. Ayta of Tarlac, Pampanga, Bataan and Zambales
9. Kapampangan/ Tagalog/ Sambal

10. Tinggian/ Itneg
11. Kalinga
12. Ikalahan/ Kalanguya/ Ifugao
13. Ibaloy/ Kankanaey
14. Balangao/ Bontok
15. Apayao/ Isnag

A vibrant nation of dynamic cultural communities rooted in a rich traditional heritage, united, and empowered with the ideals of peace, justice, and self-determination towards sustainable development.

1. To preserve and protect traditional cultures and their various creative expressions as an integral part in nation building;
2. To revitalize and promote the culture and the arts of the cultural communities through active community participation in partnership with the concerned government agencies; and
3. To enhance appreciation and develop understanding of Filipino cultural communities.


Edwin V. Antonio Head Tawid Cultural Troupe
Anastacia B. Viola Vice-Head Kayvayvanan Culture Bearers
Federico P. Dalayday Secretary Ga’dang Tabuk Association
Josefina Alfoso Assistant Secretary Lakan Sining ng Bulacan Inc.
Brian A. Camhit Execon Member Kapangan Ibaloi and Kankanaey Indigenous Peoples Organization
Conrado B. Bunagam Execon Member Bag-ayan Bukidan Indigenous Peoples Organization Inc. 
Corazon D. Claveria Execon Member Association of Indigenous Wowen in Apayao
Edward P. Osingat, Sr. Execon Member  Pelaway Indigenous Peoples Organization 
Elnora B. Dudang Execon Member Ulupan na Pansiansiay
Francis B. Degay Execon Member Chummaney
Lordan B. Roxas Execon Member Casiguran Hat Weavers Organization
Manny A. Palattao Execon Member  Malaweg Tribal Organization
Mort Allen C. Aliguyon Execon Member Kiangan Youth Cultural Organization
Robinson  Saclag Execon Member Kalinga Center for Culture and the Arts
Samy I. Paanan Execon Member Sitio Gala Tribal Council

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