The National Committee on Visual Arts (NCVA), under the Subcommission on the Arts (SCA), is one of the 19 national committees of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the cultural arm of the government.

It is composed of individual volunteers who are active visual arts practitioners working together towards the flourishing of Philippine visual arts.

A dynamic and empowered Philippine visual arts aware of its diverse culture and identity and actively engaged in local, national and global art endeavors.

Nurture a flourishing cultural environment that encourages the development of independent and responsive artists who aspire to artistic excellence and are engaged with a critical and supportive community.

Mr. Edgar Talusan Fernandez Head                  Individual – NCR
Mr. Jose M. Villacin, Jr. Vice Head Individual – Central Visayas
Ms. Bernadette B. Delos Santos Secretary Individual – Southern Luzon
Ms. Alma Quinto Asst. Secretary Individual – NCR
Ms. Geraldine Araneta ExeCon Member Individual – NCR
Mr. Patrick U. Chong ExeCon Member Individual – Northern Luzon
Mr. Arnel D. Garcia ExeCon Member Individual – Central Luzon
Mr. Publeo G. Zoluaga ExeCon Member Individual – Western Visayas
Mr. Jose Villacin, Jr. ExeCon Member Arts and Humanities Cluster Fine Arts Program UP Cebu
Mr. Virgilio Q. Pomida ExeCon Member Individual – Eastern Visayas
Mr. Errol P. Balcos ExeCon Member Individual – Northern Mindanao
Mr. Vicente C. Laput ExeCon Member Individual – Western Mindanao
Mr. Joel L. Geolamen ExeCon Member Individual – Southern Mindanao
Ms. Melissa V. Abuga-a ExeCon Member Individual – Co-opted

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