As designed, the projects under the 2017 Call for Proposals are intended to be implemented in various sites all over the country. Deadline of submission is on September 30, 2016.

2017 ncca call for proposals


“Culture is the fountain of our progress and creativity and must be carefully nurtured to grow and develop.”

                                                           ― World Commission on Culture and Development

“A consensus is emerging, in the Philippines and abroad that people and the integrity of nature and culture, are at the center of development initiatives. Therefore, a central goal of development is the improvement of human well-being, and the quality of life. The development of people and their culture – both as the ultimate end and as a means for attaining that goal – has been the guiding principle for development policies and strategies.”

                                                            ― Philippine Agenda 21

Recognizing the important role of culture as the foundation for national development and unity, the NCCA has organized series of participative planning workshops which gave due importance to culture-based development strategies responsive to the sustainable development of peoples and communities.

Moreover, the identified priority projects for 2017 were designed in harmony with the Culture-and-Arts strategic development outcomes, namely:

a) Culture as pillar for sustainable development established;

b) Creativity and diversity of artistic expression advanced; and

c) Strong sense of nationhood and pride in being Filipino through culture and arts promoted

In preparation for the 2017 NCCA Call for Project Proposals, the members of the different National Committees under the four (4) Sub-commissions of the NCCA were convened to participate in these planning workshops. The workshops were conducted in various groupings, by disciplines, multi-disciplines by subcommissions and multi-discipline by island clusters. The outputs of these planning activities are reviewed and approved by the NCCA National Advisory Board and is the basis for the 2017 NCCA Call for Project Proposals.

A total of fifty-six (56) Project Titles were endorsed, thirty (30) of which are classified under Category A (with 79 slots), and twenty-six (26) projects are classified under Category B (with 137 slots). This implies that in 2017, the projects shall be implemented by two hundred and sixteen (216) partners from the ranks of Local Government Units, Civil Society Organizations and Educational Institutions and National Line Agencies.

As designed, the projects under the 2017 Call for Proposals are intended to be implemented in various sites all over the country.  The distribution according to the island-clusters of the sites or area covered by the proposed projects are: LUZON with 51 project sites, VISAYAS with 91 project sites, Mindanao with 98 project sites and NCR with 31 project sites.

There are also a number of banner projects that required Island-cluster wide participation such as the Luzon Culture Congress and Festival, the Mindanao Summit on Culture and Arts, the Visayas Arts Festival and Congress and on the a national level the Cinema Rehiyon Film Festival.

Albeit the expected variations in the project design and in the required implementation mechanisms, the proposed projects show distinct commonalities in terms of thematic focus or content. The ten (10) common themes and/or shared content of the projects to be implemented in the various sites are as follows:

  1. Integrated and Area-based Culture Development Projects
  2. Institutionalization of Culture-focused Program in the LGU
  3. Projects focused on Culture and Environmental Management or CCA-DRR related Projects
  4. Conduct of Culture and Arts Summit, Congress, and Island-wide Festivals
  5. Support for Community Arts Festival
  6. Production of New Creative Works and Cultural Studies
  7. Capability Enhancement and/or Cultural Exchange Projects
  8. Projects on Cultural Research and Publications
  9. Massive Cultural Promotions
  10. IP Youth Leadership Training on Heritage Management

The desired sustainable impacts of the above-mentioned proposed projects can be indicated by the following island-cluster focused statement of outcomes:

  • Sustainable cultural programs in fifty-one (51) cities or municipalities are advanced and the improved capacities to expand culture and arts program among the multi-stakeholders are ensured through the establishment enhanced cultural arts spaces in Luzon;
  • Structures and mechanisms for sustainability are strengthened and informed constituencies of culture, heritage and arts programs expanded to cover more than ninety-eight (98) municipalities in the Visayas;
  • The Mindanao peoples’ culture-and-arts agenda is supported and the culture-and-development strategy mainstreamed in the Regional Development Plans while the blueprint for the establishment of community cultural centers is endorsed by multi-stakeholders in six (6) regions in Mindanao;
  • Massive cultural promotions / cultural orientation for building informed constituencies and develop local champions toward sustainable management and advancement of culture, arts and heritage in the National Capital Region; and
  • Significant concerns and issues of artists and cultural workers in all the four (4) island-clusters deliberated and relevant cultural policies and sustainability mechanisms agreed upon.

Hence, the 2017 Call for Project Proposals shall truly advance socio-economic Agenda of the Duterte Administration, to wit: the promotion of science, technology and creative arts shall be pursued “to enhance innovation and creative capacity towards self-sustaining inclusive development.”

For the purposes of this call for submission of proposals, the NCCA has set two categories of proposals:

  1. Category “A” are projects which have been conceptualized during the various levels of planning workshops following the identified needs of the locality and where specific outputs and deliverables had been defined. Projects in this category will have 3 or more component activities.

For ease in classifying the project submission, a certain coding is used:

      Project Brief M-CA.1 (Mindanao – Category A – Project No.1)

Proponents interested to implement projects under this category, shall submit a Letter of Intent following the requirements indicated.

  1. Category “B” calls for project proposals conceptualized by proponents with due consideration to the important concerns cited in the Project Brief and aligned to the identified NCCA priorities and outcomes.

For ease in classifying the project submission, a certain coding used:

      Project Brief M-CB.1 (Mindanao – Category B – Project No. 1)

Proponents interested to implement projects under this category, shall submit a Project Proposal following the requirements indicated.

Download the Call for Proposals per island cluster: Luzon | Visayas | Mindanao | NCR

Final CY 2017 Consolidated Call for Proposals  (Alternative link)

Download: Revised NCCA Project Proposal Form

The NCCA welcomes submission of proposals following the Terms of References as indicated.  Proposals shall be submitted on or before 12 midnight of September 30, 2016 to:

Plan/Policy Formulation and Programming Division (PPFPD)
Room 5-B, Fifth Floor, NCCA Building
633 General Luna Street, Intramuros 1002 Manila
Tel No: 522-2084 & 527-2192 Loc. 511
Fax No: 527-2209

Please note that all electronic submissions, to be considered official, should be emailed to the above-mentioned dedicated addresses only.