The National Library of the Philippines is inviting everyone to share their memories of the late Atty. Antonio M. Santos.

On October 22, 2016, the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) plans to launch a Gedenkschrift—a collection of writings that serves to honor and extend the scholarship of its late Director Atty. Antonio M. Santos. In order to remember, acknowledge, and appreciate AMS’s work, the NLP is inviting everyone to share how they have been affected by his presence or by his work.

Guidelines for submission:

1. Articles and stories should:
a. have a title formulated by the contributing author;
b. be written in English in a maximum of 100 words or less, in the first person, and about the author’s personal or professional experience with the late Director Antonio M. Santos; and,
c. be submitted via the google link or sent via attachment (.doc / .docx formats only) / body of an email at with the subject: GSP.

2. Images. Should the author wish to include images in the article, a maximum of three images are allowed. These photos may or may not appear in the article itself but may appear in the photo spread corner.
a. Composition. Pictures of the Director or pictures with the director will be accepted.
b. Quality. Please ensure that all images submitted for publication are sized exactly as they should appear in print. All images may be saved in .jpg / .png format with 300+ dpi setting for the best quality.
c. Submission. Photos must be sent as attachment and not inserted in the word document.

3. Biographical sketch. Each author is requested to submit biographical sketch consisting of one to three sentences.

4. Anonymity. Should the author wish to remain anonymous, the author must give full notice of doing so. The NLP will gladly respect their submission. However, NLP would like to suggest that they submit a biographical sketch nonetheless.

• Terms and conditions: The author acknowledges that by submitting his work, the NLP may edit portions of their submission for clarity and/or length.
• The deadline for submission is on October 2, 2016 (Sunday).

For inquiries, please contact:

Project Editor, Gedenkschrift Project
(02) 310-5032