Ascott Resources and Development Corporation (ARDC), developer of the Capitol Theater building, submits the casts of the relief sculptures of the Capitol Theater’s tower relic facade to the NCCA – Technical Working Council on Built Heritage Issues and Concerns (TWC) through the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP).

The Capitol Theater is an art deco building designed by National Artist for Architecture Juan F. Nakpil, who is regarded as the Dean of Filipino Architects and first to be awarded as National Artist for Architecture in 1973.

In 2017, the TWC gave clearance to the proposed development of ARDC, adopting the in-situ methodology in conserving and incorporating the tower relic, and expressed their strong desire on the following points: a) to undertake a perfect replication of the existing façade; b) to prepare complete documentation of the entire existing building, including as-built plans; c)  to prepare casts of the relief sculptures of the tower for turnover to the National Museum; and d) to install appropriate hoarding/enclosure featuring the original façade of the Capitol Theatre for the site during demolition and construction.

After various assessments and inspections of the project, ARDC continues to adhere with the clearance. However, ARDC needs to immediately undertake the in-situ bracing methodology submitted by their structural consultant and approved by the TWC for the tower relic. Last 10 August 2020, they submitted the casts of the relief sculptures of the structure to NMP, and upon inspection it was found to be acceptable.

The Commission has reiterated to ARDC to regularly apprise the national cultural agencies on the progress or milestones of the project.


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