“Bahaysining” by Fil Delacruz and Janos Delacruz is exhibited from August 05 – 31, 2021 at the NCCA Gallery.

Filipino contemporary artists and father-son Fil Delacruz and Janos Delacruz present Bahaysining at the NCCA Gallery in August 2021. As an elaboration on the distinctions and synergy between Filipino contemporary artists, the selection of paintings, on-site mural, and records embolden and belabor the embedded syncopations and orchestration of the tandem as they create art at home as a comfort, challenge, and a lived experience. 

Bahaysining as a project extended out of the real residential building and onto public space acts as excipient to the artistic charges that were done at home. The exhibition relays the artists’ domestic factures as immediate visual/creative responses of the artists served by their current cultural and personal atmospheres. Tugon sa Panahon is Fil’s set of paintings for the project, infusing the seasons as indulged by his expanse of experiences and refinements of concerns and ideations. Janos’ works on the other hand through Pag-ibig at Pighati is a condensation of the opportunity of introspection-expression of the artist’s here and now. The symbiosis of the individuals as contemporary visual artists is tangible: We can feel from their objects a mature and permissive contract to collaborate and nurture, nonetheless with the very conscious effort to be distinct in technique, theme, and iconography.

Fil Delacruz (b. 1950) finished at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising. He has been a consistent winner in national art competitions over 40 years of visual arts practice and 20 solos shows. From his first solo of mezzotints at the Hiraya Gallery in 1982 to consistent wins at the Art Association of the Philippines competitions, his repertoire robust of indigenous imagery guided by his constant visual contemplation of a Filipina muse (Diwata) endures and moves forward into the contemporary. A grantee of the Thirteen Artists Awards of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (1992). He was also recognized as an outstanding citizen in the field of arts and culture in Manila, Bulacan, and Muntinlupa. He attended art workshops in Paris and conducted printmaking workshops all over the Philippines, he was part of many international exhibitions over the years. Fil taught at the Philippine High School for the Arts and the UST College of Fine Arts and Design. He was the president of the Philippine Association of Printmakers (1990-2000) and Lakansining ng Bulakan.  

Janos Delacruz (b. 1985) finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas. His digital work for 38th Shell National Students Art Competition (2005) won second place. Starting with etching and woodcut printmaking, his endeavours into printmaking, illustration, and painting flourished over the years as he mediates and portrays the ethereal, aesthetic, and philosophical place of man in urban and pop cultures. In 2012, Janos attended the Art Students League of New York. He received citations for his works in national art competitions, among others: Thirteen Artists Awards of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (Grantee, 2018), Philippine Art Awards (2014), Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas: Tanaw Art Competition (Finalist, 2013), Art Association of the Philippines Annual Competition: Sculpture Category (2013) and Printmaking Category (First Prize for Hari ng Kamaynilaan, 2004). He had solo shows in Manila, Laguna, and Abu Dhabi. He was part of collaborative shows in Manila, New York, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

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