a. Local History Writing Seminar

Qualification of the Proponent: 1. Non-governmental organizations; 2. Public/ private universities/colleges; 3. Local government units

Requirements for submission:  1. Seminar Module; 2. Program of activities with date and venue of implementation; 3. Curricula vitae of speakers; 4. Profile of target participants; 5. Expected output of activity; 6. Detailed line-item budget.

Criteria for evaluation of the proposals:  1. Must indicate active participation of significant stakeholders in the community especially artists and cultural workers; 2. Must highlight the local cultural and historical icons; 3. Promotes the use of other historical approaches; 4. Must include strong support of LGU; 5. Must result to the issuance of a local ordinance  supporting  the writing of the local history or the integration of  local history in the curriculum; 6. Module must include the identification of cultural icons and/or the date of establishment of the community as the basis of a local festival

Budget per project: P 150,000.00
Slots open for application:    6
Geographic Consideration: Luzon (2); Visayas (2); Mindanao (2)

b. Heritage Seminars for Social Studies Teachers

Qualification of the Proponent  1. Historical associations/societies; 2. Academic institutions; 3. Local government units; 4.  Non-governmental organizations

Criteria for evaluation of the proposals: 1. Must involve the participation of Social Studies teachers assigned in barangay-based schools 2. Heritage sites to be visited must be within the province where the teachers are assigned; 3. Participant-teachers must develop a lesson plan incorporating the heritage sites visited

Budget per project: P 75,000
Slots open for application:  7
Geographic Consideration: Sulu, Ilocos Norte, Bohol, Rizal, CAR, Antique, Marawi City

c. Research

Qualification of the Proponent: Organizations, institutions or individuals with expertise or proven credentials in research.

Requirements for submission:  1. Accomplished  project proposal form and detailed line-item budget; 2. Abstract of research; 3. Review of related literature; 4. Outline of Research; 5. Significance of the study; 6. Two recommendation letters from an established cultural/art organizations/institutions

Criteria for evaluation of the proposals: 1. Must cover any of the following:  cultural mapping of a locality, history of the Christianization of the Philippines, local cultural icons, and utilization and updating of Historical Data Papers; 2. Must promote the use of new historical approaches; 3. Research project must be guided by a reputable historian as research adviser (to be approved/recommended by NCHR); 4. Must secure support from LGU; 5. A first draft report is expected to be completed within a period of one year

Budget per project: P 210,000.00
Slots open for application:  10
Geographic consideration: Palawan, Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte, Catanduanes, Samar, Leyte, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sarangani, Sulu