Excerpts from RA No. 7356 / April 1992 – Section 12 d)
General Mandate
d) To preserve and integrate traditional culture and its various creative expressions as a dyanamic part of the national cultural mainstream, it shall;

1) help set up or encourage, monitor and subsidize companion systems at the regional, provincial and local levels, intended to develop traditional cultures such as arts/crafts centers, preferably in community settings apart from the usual museum settings, where exponents of living and crafts can practice and teach their art an enrich contemporary designs;
2) encourage and subsidize cultural research and the retrieval of cultural research information (e.g. folklore, dance, music, crafts) through the training of students, teachers, and cultural researchers, and their revitalization by practice and performance;
3) ensure that the ultimate beneficiaries of all research efforts, tourism programs and other activities affecting cultural communities are the people and cultural communities that are the subject of research, and that their cultures are nurtured rather than violated, damaged, or exploited;
4) ensure that relevant information is made available to legislators who introduce laws with cultural implication;
5) Encourage and support the continuous training of cultural workers and administrators by qualified trainers.

e) Ensure that standards of excellence are pursued in programs and activities implementing policies herein stated, it shall encourage and support continuing discussion and debate, through symposia, workshops, publications, etc., on the highest norms available in the matrix of Philippine culture.

Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts Officers, 2017-2019

  • Abubacar Datumanong, PhD, Commissioner for Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts / Head
    Head, National Committee on Southern Cultural Communities
  • Pablito Gonzales, Vice-Head
    Head, National Committee on Central Cultural Communities
  • Edwin Antonio, PhD, Secretary
    Head, National Committee on Northern Cultural Communities
Committees :
Northern Cultural Communities
Central Cultural Communities
Southern Cultural Communities