The National Committee on Museums (NCOM), under the Subcommission for Cultural Heritage (SCH), is one of the 19 national committees under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the cultural arm of the government. It is composed of persons actively involved in museum work representing both public and private museums. Its main objective is to make the museums an effective tool of learning for all, thus, it has always been the thrust of the NCOM to help develop the museums as user-friendly and user-useful in order to encourage
the public to visit and learn about our country’s heritage.

A museums community dedicated to the cultural heritage preservation and nation building.

The development of Philippine museums as repositories of national cultural heritage committed to the education and enlightenment of the Filipino.

Mr. Jose Eleazar Reynes Bersales, PhD. Head Institutional – Central Visayas Association of Museums / University of San Carlos Museum
Mr. Peter John Natividad Vice Head Institutional – Alliance of Greater Manila Area Museums (AGMAM)
Mr. Carl Jamie Simple Sanchez Bordeos Secretary Institutional – Eastern Visayas Association of Museums (EVAM)
Ms. Remedios Garcia Baretto ExeCon Member Institutional – Mindanao Association of Museums – Western Mindanao Museums (MAM-Western)
Ms. Marites Paz Tauro ExeCon Member Ex-Officio / Institutional – National Museum of the Philippines (NM)
Mr. Bryan Anthony Paraiso ExeCon Member Ex-Officio / Institutional – National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP)
Ms. Gemma Suguitan San Jose ExeCon Member Institutional – Southern Luzon Association of Museums (SLAM)
Ms. Irene Suarez Magallon ExeCon Member Institutional – Western Visayas Association of Museums (WVAM)
Mr. Edmundo Reyes Acaylar  ExeCon Member Institutional – Mindanao Association of Museums – Easter Mindanao (MAM-Eastern)
Mr. Rasul Majid Sabal ExeCon Member Institutional – Mindanao Association of Museums for Bangsamoro (MAM-Bangsamoro)
Ms. Karen Nina Lacsamana Carrera ExeCon Member Institutional – Central Luzon Association of Museums (CLAM)
ExeCon Member Regional Associations of Museums for Bicol
ExeCon Member Norther Luzon Association of Museums (NLAM)


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