Paskuhan sa Barangay
Month-long-Parian, Cebu City

This is higlighted by nightly cultural presentations from the different universities in Cebu City.

San Fernando Giant Lantern Festival
Month-long-Philippine Christmas Village, San Fernando, Pampanga

This is a lantern showcase where lanterns measuring 14 to 18 feet in diameter delight spectators with their kaleidoscope patterns

Kamundagan Festival
Month-long-Naga City

This features “Kiti-Kiti,” “Pastoras,” Bikol Song Festival, and other cultural events.

Subayan Keg Subanon
December 1- 8-Ozamiz City

This involves a trade fair, a street theater performance, and songs and dances depicting the rich Subanon cultural heritage.

Pasko sa Tanjay Festival
December 1 to 9-Tanjay, Negros Oriental

This is a month-long Christmas festivity featuring cultural presentations and contests.

Fiesta de Agoo
December 5-8-Agoo Civic Center, Agoo Basilica

This features a Lantern festival, the coronation of Miss Agoo, the awarding of Bannuar ti and Dakilang Datu Awards.

December 5-8-Roxas City

This features a fireworks display, a grand parade, a food festival, and the Capiz dance festival.

Hanging of the Green
2nd week-Zamboanga City

Children join in the “hanging of the green” signifying the start of the Christmas season.

Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion
December 8-Puerto Princesa City

This is a grand celebration in honor of the city’s patroness and is highlighted by a parade of several images of Virgin Mary.

December 8-Palawan

This is the Tagbanuas’ feast of thanksgiving for a bountiful rice harvest along with food offerings to deities and departed kin. The rite involves men and partaking of rice wine with the spirits. After the harvest, the Tagbanuas gather in the house of the babaylan or the priestess whom the spirits speak to. To the sound of drums and gongs, the babaylan dances to summon the spirits, gracefully first with sheaves of rice then more violently the next (this to clear the air of evil spirits). As soon as she calms down, she begins to chant, at the end of which, she makes an offering of chicken, a sign that the spirits are ready to drink the native brew. As the babaylan takes a sip of the rice wine, the merrymaking begins, lasting until all the wine jugs are emptied.

Dad-Iw Day-eng Chants
December 8-Bakod, Benguet

This features the Ibaloi, Kankana-ey tribal songs and dance presentations.

Karisyohan Han Pasko Ha Palo
December 10 to January 6-Palo, Leyte

This features a Misa de gallo, a cultural show and a Christmas eve choral concert at Palo Cathedral.

Philippine International Lantern Parade
December 14-Asia World Complex Roxas Blvd., and Quirino Grandstand

This is a grand colorful parade featuring lanterns from different countries along with local bands, indigenous groups, vintage cars, and calesas.

Christmas Among the Tribes
December 16-Cabarroquis, Quirino

This involves house visitations for Christmas gifts undertaken by the indigenous groups in Quirino.

Simballay Festival
3rd week-Nabunturan, Davao Province

This is a week-long festival highlighted by Mansaka dances, neo-ethnic shows, street dancing and a grand parade.

Shariff Kabunsuan
December 15-19-Cotabato City

This is a celebration to commemorate the arrival of Shariff Kabunsuan and Islam to Mindanao.

Pastores Bikol
December 18-Legaspi City

This involves boys and girls in costumes playing the roles of shepherds who rejoice at the birth of Jesus.

Maytinis Festival
December 24-Kawit, Cavite

This is a town-wide re-enactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for a room on the eve of Christ’s birth.

December 29-Plaridel, Bulacan

This is procession of dancing women, horses and calesas to fetch the Santiago Maria Moros from Barangay Sipet.