Olga Villanueva-Alvarado started taking photos using her cellphone and was happy just to shoot almost anything which caught her attention. Although the image quality wasn’t that good, she did not care so much as she loved every moment of the process. Then she got so hooked that she decided to join a photography club. Through the club, she was introduced to photography terms such as composition , mood, perspective, etc. In short, she had a glimpse of the amazing world of photography and she couldn’t look away.

doubles and multiples

That was over four years ago. She has been blessed with a number of opportunities and have met several wonderful people since. In her first solo exhibit, she will be sharing her favorite double and multiple exposures. Doing in-camera double exposures can be frustrating at times and risky but the fun of experimenting is never lost and the surprise images you get is often worth giving it a shot.

“Doubles and Multiples,” a solo photo exhibit by Olga Villanueva-Alvarado will open on July 30 at 6pm in Café Anthosia, along Panganiban Drive, Naga City. It will feature her favorite in camera double and multiple exposures. There will be live performances by local artists too, including Hanina Britanico, Victor Andrada, Happee and the Other Guys, Coming Up Amy and The Chopping Board for Anthosia’s monthly Bonifacio Mural Sessions.

Contact Café Anthosia at (+054) 881 1805 or email anthosiacafe(at)gmail(dot)com