The NCCA Secretariat is organized to support the Commission in its assigned tasks and has the responsibility of executing the decisions of the Commission and of preparing analyses and recommendations that constitute the basis of Commission policy and other decisions.



The Executive Director (ED) is the head of the secretariat and administers, directs, and supervises the day-to-day operations of the Commission. It likewise sees to it that BOC resolutions and decisions are implemented including all programs and projects and that the Secretariat provides the administrative support needed by the Subcommissions, National Committees, stakeholders, and general need of the office personnel.

Directly under the OED, Sentro Rizal International Cultural Affairs Office (SR-ICAO) is in charge of the implementation of the Sentros Rizal in coordination with the DFA [per RA 10066], as well as the coordination and implementation of programs and activities in line with our bilateral or multilateral international culture and arts agreements and partnerships with international arts and culture organizations/associations.

The Legal Office gives legal advice and support to the Secretariat in terms of programs, projects and administrative day-to-day operations. The Legal Office also liaises with the Office of the Solicitor General [which is the official Legal Adviser likewise of the BOC] in terms of concerns on heritage issues and other external concerns and representations of the Commission in the implementation of its mandate and functions for arts and culture.

Oscar G. Casaysay

Executive Director
Direct line: (02) 8523-0199 

Trunk lines: (02) 8527-2192
Email address:



Offices under the OED

Sentro Rizal International Cultural Affairs Office (SR-ICAO)

Head: Mary Anne Luis
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2206 or 8527-2192 loc 615
Email address:

Legal Office

Head: Atty. Jose Vincenzo Vizcarra
Tel. No. / Fax No.:
Email address:



There will be two Divisions directly under the DED for Operations (DED-Op), namely, the Program Management Division (PMD) [formerly the Policy / Plan Formulation and Programming Division (P/PFPD)]; and, the newly approved Cultural Properties Protection and Regulation Division (CPPRD).

Bernan Joseph R. Corpuz

Deputy Executive Director for Operations 
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2198 / 8527-21-94 local 737
Email address:

Office of the Chairman / Board Secretariat
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2198 local 724

Email address: 

Offices under the ODED-Op
Metropolitan Theatre Operations Office (MET) is in charge of the programming, administration, management and continuing conservation work of the Met and will directly coordinate with the Commission’s Artistic Committee, headed by the Artistic Director [who con-currently is the Chair of the Commission] in terms of programming or theatre grants.

  • Creatives and Productions Unit
  • Venue Operations Unit
  • Theatre Support and Operations Unit
  • Conservation Unit
Unit for Institutional Programs and Locally Funded Projects

Program Management Division (PMD) (Formerly Plan/Policy Formulation and Programming Division – PPFPD)

The division is responsible for the management of project proposals received under the various grants program, including the accreditation of proponents. It also provides administrative support to the 19 National Committees (NCs) and four (4) Subcommissions (SCs).

Chief: Ferdinand Isleta

Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2198 / 8527-21-94 local 504
Email address:

Arts Section

Tel. No. / Fax. No. (02) 8527 2212 local 509
Email address:

Cultural Communities & Traditional Arts Section

Head: Renee Talavera
Tel. No. / Fax. No. (02) 8527 2192 local 524
Email address: 

Cultural Heritage Section 

Head: Lawrence Charles Salazar
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8 527 2205, (02) 8527-2192 local 304

Cultural Dissemination Section

Head: Corrinah Anne Olazo
Tel. No. / Fax. No. (02) 8527 2192 local 538
Email address:


Cultural Properties Protection and Regulation Division (CPPRD)

In line with the new National Museum Law or RA No. 11333, the division will be responsible for the implementation of the Regulatory Functions transferred from the National Museum of the Philippines to the NCCA, as well as the continuous implementation of relevant provisions of RA No. 10066 or the Cultural Heritage Act. 

Chief: Joseph Patrick V. Lee

Tel. No. / Fax. No. (02) 8527 2192 local 339
Email address:

Declaration and Public Heritage Section

Head: Arch. Alnie Khayzer P. Hayudini
local 324

Permits and Compliance Section

Head: Vanessa M. Nicolas
local 339

Enforcement Section 

Head: Atty. Justin Caesar Q. Ortega
local 324

Philippine Registry of Cultural Property Office

Head: Emmanuel A. Mabagos
local 339
Viber Community:



The DED for Administration and Support Services (DED-A&SS) will have two Divisions directly under it, namely, the Program Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED) and the Administrative and Finance Division (AFD). These divisions support the operations of the Commission and will continue its offices in Intramuros, Manila. 

Also reporting directly under the DED-A&SS, and will continue to administratively support the Commission’s operations in their respective important functions are the Public Affairs and Information Office (PAIO) as in charge of information and dissemination support of the NCCA; the Policy and Planning Office (PPO) as policy, research and planning arm of the Commission, both for internal and external needs of the NCCA and its stakeholders; the Awards and Recognition Office (ARO), implementing the Order of National Artist (ONA) [with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)], and the Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan (GAMABA) / National Living Treasure, together with the other awards and recognitions being given by the NCCA and the BOC such as the Dangal ng Haraya; and the Accreditation and Grants Processing Office (AGPO) [formerly the AGPS under the P/PFPD] for the accreditation of possible grantees, processing the programs and projects of the Commission until finally certifying the
grants completion by issuing a certification of completion.


tellano Marichu G. Tellano

Deputy Executive Director for Administration and Support Services
Direct line: (02) 8527-2214/527-2198

Trunk lines: (02) 8527-2192 local 502
Telefax no. (02) 8527-2193
Email address:

Offices under the DED-A&SS

  Public Affairs and Information Office (PAIO)

Head: Rene S. Napenas, (President, NCCA Employees Organization)
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2192 loc 628 / (02) 8527-5529
Email address:

  • Public Relations and Promotions Unit
  • Content Development Unit 
  Plan and Policy Office (PPO) 

Head: Caroline Mizal
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2212 or 8527-2192 local 506
Email address:

  • Policy and Research Unit
  • Planning Unit 
  • Regional Coordination Unit (RDC-LCAC)
  • Unit for Institutional and Locally Funded Programs and Projects
  Accreditation and Grants Processing Office (AGPO)

Head: Christopher C. Lucindo
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: Trunk Line: 8527-2192 local 530, 531 & 510
Email address:

  Awards and Recognition Office (ARO)

Coordinator: Carl Sebastian
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: Trunk Line: 8527-2192 local 514
Email address: /


Program Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED)

The PMED designs tools/instruments to be used in data gathering and administers the instrument directly or indirectly to respondents; does actual site inspection/monitoring of projects being implemented; provides the stakeholders a timely report on the status of NCCA-assisted projects, including findings and recommendations; consults the management and Committee on what programs need evaluation in the long term; identifies the strategies to be used in the evaluation; provides a summary report on the issues and concerns of each sector based on the terminal reports of past projects; and recommend areas for policy development and research.

OIC Chief: Maricel C. Diaz

Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-5528 or 8527-21-92 local 601
Email address:

  Monitoring and Evaluation for the Arts Section
Head: Arlene Flores
  Monitoring and Evaluation for Cultural Dissemination Section
  Monitoring and Evaluation for the Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts Section
Head: Juan Miguel Trinidad
  Monitoring and Evaluation for the Cultural Heritage Section
Head: Arli Joshua Atienza

Administrative and Finance Division (AFD)

This Division is tasked with the management and development of the Commission’s human/manpower resources, manages NCCA properties, furniture, fixtures and equipment and procures NCCA supplies, sees to the proper disbursement of the NCCA funds (GAA Funds), manages the Commission’s archival documents, provides library services to the Commission and the public, and provides general services, including the overall maintenance of the NCCA building.

pableo Chief: Susan C. Dayao

Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-22-19 or 8527-2192 loc. 206
Email address: 


  Human Resource Management Section

Head: Angelina Carillo
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-21-92 local 212
Email address: 

  Finance  Management Section

Head: Sherlyn G. Tan
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2192 local 406
Email address:

  Procurement Section

Head: Aniel Apruebo
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2192 loc 210
Email address:  

  Management Information Systems Section

Head: Ray Gerick Paragas
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2192 local 610
Email address: 

  Supplies Management Section

Head: Sheryl Alba
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2192 local 221
Email address:

  Library Services Section

Head: Delia Peregrina
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2192 local 218
Email address:

  Records Management Section

Head: Roulaine Jeyd de Guzman
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2192 local 205/203
Email address:

  General Services Section

Head: Engr. Christian Saguion
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: (02) 8527-2192 local 333
Email address:


Speakers Bureau / Outreach Program 
local 501 
email address: 
As an outreach program of the NCCA, we send over lecturers and workshop facilitators on culture and arts for free.

Philippine Cultural Education Program
Director: Joseph “Sonny” Cristobal 
local 529


Prepares the proposed annual NEFCA budget of the Commission that is submitted to the Department of Budget and Management. It facilitates the processing of payment to varied accounts incurred in the implementation of projects. It also oversees administrative expenses and ensures that disbursement of public funds is in accordance with the existing government budgeting, accounting, and auditing rules and regulations. It maintains books of accounts and prepares financial reports and statements of the Commission and submits the same to all concerned agencies.

pableo Chief Accountant: Herencio Y. Llapitan 
Tel. No. / Fax. No.: 8527-2192 
Email address: (Main) 

  Budget Section

Head: Ma. Marilyn Estrella
Email address:

  Audit Section 

Head: Marites Pitalbo
Email address:

  Cashiering Section

Head: Teresa Jarabelo


The NCCA Secretariat holds office at 633 NCCA Building General Luna St., Intramuros, Manila with contact numbers 527-2192, 527-21-95 to 97, fax number: 527-2194, and email address: