A Directory of PH Museums (2011)
A project initiated by the National Committee on Museums (NCOM), the "Directory of Museums in the Philippines: provides basic information of all museums affiliated with regional associations of museums and subcommittees of NCOM.
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The Filipino People
by: Robert B. Fox & Elizabeth Flory
(Alphabetical List Updated in 2007 by Jesus Peralta, PhD)
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Guidelines for Museums
by Jesus Peralta, PhD
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Enumeration from the Philippine Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Edited by Jesus Peralta, PhD
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The official newsletter of the NCCA. Learn about what we have been doing and read about the latest cultural and arts events in the country.
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Visita Iglesia Bohol: A Guide to Historic Churches
by Regalado Trota Jose
The book takes the reader to more than 40 churches in the island province of Bohol. The visit to each church begins with a short historical introduction and continues with a guided tour around the church complex, from the facade to the retablo mayor and then to the convento and other related sites.
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Tubod: The Heart of Bohol
The book savors and discusses the history, art, and, culture of the turtle-shaped island. From early prehistoric evidence, endemic flora and fauna, unique icons, santos and furniture, colonial church architecture, folk beliefs, and recent development in performing arts, this rich collection of essay is comprehensive in scope and abundant in detail.
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ESPASYO 1: Journal of Philippine Architecture and Allied Arts (2009)
Espasyo is a peer-reviewed journal created under the auspices of the National Committee on Architecture and the Allied Arts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).
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PA(ng)LABAS: Architecture + Cinema
Projection of Filipino Space in Film
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