At the heart of its base of operations in Intramuros, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts further fulfils its service to the Filipino Visual Arts community by opening its exhibition space known as the NCCA Gallery at the lobby of the NCCA Building in 2009. This was in response to the burgeoning contemporary art scene in the Philippines.

Dedicated to contemporary arts, the NCCA Gallery is a joint initiative of the National Committee on Art Galleries (NCAG) under the Subcommission on Cultural Heritage, and the National Committee on Visual Arts (NCVA) under the Subcommission on the Arts.

Through the gallery, both the NCAG and the NCVA aim to provide young and emerging artists a venue for exposure without curtailing creative exploration and expression. Likewise, established artists will have the opportunity to share their conceptual narratives to the audience and encourage engagements in the arts.



Every year, the NCCA Gallery opens its Call for Exhibition Proposals to the public. The Call is an opportunity for Filipino artists from different backgrounds, different affiliations, and different regions to be able to showcase their work to a wider audience without compromising their creative vision. All proposals shall be deliberated by the Exhibition Committee and the chosen exhibitions shall be executed with the support of the NCCA.

Exhibition Committee Members

  • Head of the National Committee on Art Galleries, Mr. Danilo Rayos del Sol
  • Head of the National Committee on Visual Arts, Ms. Geraldine Araneta
  • Chief of the Policy/Plan, Formulation and Programming Division, Mr. Ferdinand Isleta
  • Officer-in-Charge of the Arts Section, Mr. Niño Selibio
  • Head of the Cultural Heritage Section, Mr. Lawrence Charles Salazar


  1. Exhibition proposals may be submitted by any Filipino citizen or any group or institution based in the Philippines. Exhibition proposals from foreign institutions or groups should be coursed through the NCCA International Affairs Office. These proposals should be made in consonance with a diplomatic milestone celebration, pursuant to an international commitment arising from Philippine membership to international organizations, or to implement the provisions of an executive program of a cultural agreement.
  2. Offices within the Commission may submit exhibition proposals as part of celebrations, such as but not limited to: National Arts Month (February), Women’s Month (March), National Literature Month (April), Filipino Food Month (April), National Heritage Month (May),  Indigenous Peoples Month (October), Museums and Galleries Month (October), and Library and Information Services Month (November).
  3. Officials, employees, and consultants of the Commission and the members of the executive councils of the national committees, including their relatives up to the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, are prohibited from submitting exhibition proposals.
  4. No exhibition proposal may be approved for more than three consecutive years. Following three years of approved exhibition, applicants must wait for a full exhibition cycle before applying again.

Application Procedures

Exhibition proposals shall be accepted only when these are submitted in writing and with proper supporting documentation, as follows:

  1. A cover page containing the (a) exhibit title, (b) name of applicant (individual or group), (c) type of exhibition (solo or group), and (d) contact details (email, cellphone number, other social media);
  2. A curatorial brief which shall contain the description and summary of the exhibition, and how the space will be utilized;
  3. Statement of the artist/s about the proposed exhibition;
  4. A complementary activity (in the form of a performance, talk, workshop, webinar, etc.) proposal to be executed alongside the exhibition; and
  5. Artist/s portfolio inclusive of updated bio data, digital photographs of sample artworks each properly labeled with details, and any previous write-up about the artist/s.

For any questions/more information about the gallery, please contact us:

Cultural Heritage Section, Room 3B, Third Floor

633 Gen. Luna St. Intramuros, Manila
Tel. No. +63 (2) 8527-2192 local 328 and

2022 Exhibitions

February 2022

By Buklod Sining Organization, Group Exhibition
February 07 – 28, 2022

In celebration of the National Arts Month, “Sa Pagitan ng Gabi at Bukang-Liwayway” is the opening event for the 33rd founding anniversary of Buklod Sining, it gives reverence to various narratives coming from different classes in Philippine society. 

The exhibition is the visual memoirs, situation and journey from midnight to dawn, in pre-pandemic and pandemic years. Each work of art is a representation on how time could be both the protagonist and antagonist in our decisions, conditions and choices. It could be under the notion of pure time and mathematical time. While the problem of time has been interesting to different thinkers like Henri Bergson and Michel Foucault, the participating artists from various art disciplines have used this concept to visually suture several stories “happening from twelve midnight to half-past five in the morning.”


March 2022

By KASIBULAN, Group Exhibition
March 07 – 31, 2022

Coping with physical, emotional and psychological challenges of the COVID crisis through art-making tied up with serving the community has resulted into the exhibition project “Tahi-Tagning Pagsibol”. Translated as “New Life from Sewn Patches,” this art exhibit by the KASIBULAN women artists is featured at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Gallery in Intramuros, Manila, in celebration of Women’s Month.

By Imelda Cajipe-Endaya

April 2022

Unwinged Voyage
By Larry Bacabac, Solo Exhibition
April 06 – 30, 2022

“Unwinged Voyage” is a collection of sculptures that showcases Larry’s interpretations of the concept of flight; using his hands to build and mold his imagination in three-dimensional space through various materials like clay, metal, and wood—and whatever else he can put his hands on as a medium. Through his sculptures, he aims to create a dialogue with the audience on how flight is physically impossible for man, but we can soar and achieve incredible heights through the mind.

By Jacklyn Colmenares Zapatos

In Unwinged Voyage, Larry Cruz Bacabac explores how the body can take flight in sculptures – curated by Aman Santos with the support of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts.   

Tausug Visual Artists Now
By Rhadzainal U. Hassan-Sahibul, Mudzhatty Isad Lakibul, Syamsir T. Marsuki, Norhima B. Sarabi, Aldam J. Sawadjaan, and Juliusking Indanan Vivas, Group Exhibition
April 06 – 30, 2022

In partnership with the Sulu State College, Tausug Visual Artists Now is an exposition by six emerging visual artists from the provincial capital of Sulu. Conceived by visual artist and art educator Juliusking Vivas for the NCCA Gallery, the Tausug Visual Artists Now project explores to recalibrate descriptions about contemporaneity in arts and culture in the archipelago southwest of the country that shares a treasury of histories, heritage, and development with other neighboring islands such as the multi-state and also ever-diverse Borneo. 

By Randel C. Urbano 

Visual currents as cultural currency

Tausug Visual Artists Now is an exposition by six emerging visual artists from the provincial capital of Sulu. Conceived by visual artist and art educator Juliusking Vivas for the NCCA Gallery, the Tausug Visual Artists Now project explores to recalibrate descriptions about contemporaneity in arts and culture in the archipelago southwest of the country that shares a treasury of histories, heritage, and development with other neighboring islands (such as the multi-state and also ever-diverse Borneo).

May 2022

Istilong Intramuros: Identity by the Turn of the 20th Century
By Prince Wico and Rancho Arcilla, Duo Exhibition
May 10 – 31, 2022

In celebration of National Heritage Month, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts presents Istilong Intramuros: Identity by the Turn of the 20th Century, an art and educational exhibition by Prince Wico and Rancho Arcilla.  

What is Istilong Intramuros? What was the style and identity of the Walled City by the turn of the 20th century? In popular imagination the architecture of Intramuros in Manila is represented by its gleaming palaces, churches, and fortifications. Postwar literature has deified Intramuros as inherently Spanish with grand landmarks, such as the Manila Cathedral, the San Agustin, and the Fort Santiago.

But what really is Istilong Intramuros? This exhibit, which is based on a book which is currently in development, aims to bridge the gap in our understanding and appreciation of Intramuros’ unique character and stylistic identity by the end of the Spanish colonial regime.


By Dante Palmes, Solo Exhibition
May 10 – 31, 2022

The National Commission on Culture and the Arts for this month of May presents “Saka,” an art exhibition by Dante Claros Palmes. The artist, who is based in Los Baños, Laguna, was inspired by the farmers he often sees in the rice fields surrounding the University of the Philippines’ campus, location of the laboratories of the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), and International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Palmes, known primarily as a painter, shifts his medium to wood, rendering in three-dimensional form the workers’ hands and feet in his typical Impressionist style.


By Katti Sta. Ana


June 2022

By Brian Villareal, SoloExhibition
June 06 – 30, 2022

For his second solo exhibition, visual artist BD Villareal explores the links between heritage, history, and faith. He does so through dwelling in the Filipinos’ relationship with the ‘poon.’

If there is a lesson that is to be drawn from the Filipinos’ relationship with the poon, it is about how we should treat our heritage. The poon, like our heritage and history, is not perfect. But we should not forget or discard it just because it is damaged or bad. If we learn to remember things in the right way, these bad memories can remind us of the battles we fought before and how we have moved on since then. 

By Mark Louie Lugue 

Velasquez Komiks Exhibit
Curated by Ian Velasquez III & Randy Valiente, Solo Exhibition
June 06 – 30, 2022

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts presents “Velasquez Komiks Exhibit: Ponyang Halobaybay’s 90th anniversary and DI-13’s 75th anniversary.” This month-long art and pop culture exhibit celebrates 2 komiks characters’ respective anniversaries – Tony Velasquez’s Ponyang Halobaybay’s 90th anniversary and Damy Velasquez’s DI-13’s 75th anniversary. The Velasquez Komiks Exhibit showcases original komiks artworks – framed original Ponyang, DI-13 and Kenkoy komiks pages, reproductions, pictures as well as vintage komiks memorabilia.


VELASQUEZ KOMIKS EKSIBIT: Selebrasyon ng Ika-90 Kaarawan ni PONYANG HALOBAYBAY at Ika-75 Kaarawan ni DI-13

July 2022

Para sa Kalikasan 2022: A World Nature Conservation Day Art Exhibition
By Philippine Fauna Art Society, Group Exhibition
July 05 – 31, 2022

To answer the call for nature conservation and protection, the Philippine Fauna Art Society (PhilFAS) joins the World Nature Conservation Day celebrated every 28th of July. PhilFAS continues its mission to create awareness of our country’s native fauna and its conservation status through visual arts. The Para sa Kalikasan 2022 Art Exhibition is carefully curated to showcase the five taxonomic classes​ of animals​: mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, and fish. Most of the featured species are threatened because of habitat degradation. 


Para sa Kalikasan 2022: A World Nature Conservation Day Art Exhibition  By Bing Famoso, Founder of the Philippine Fauna Art Society 

Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan sa Bakuran
By Joseph Andrew Carvajal, Solo Exhibition
July 05 – 31,, 2022


Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan sa Bakuran (Our Treasures in the Yard) alludes to the most recent set of sculptures by artist Joseph Andrew ‘Jandy’ Carvajal, who started exploring repoussé over 30 years ago. The title of and the works from this exhibition transpire from vegetables commonly grown in domestic spaces, rendered in low-relief brass discs, some of which gold-plated. The inedible gold ironically underscores that food is more valuable and this juxtaposition emphasizes that hunger is equally a threat amidst the current pandemic. 


Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan sa Bakuran (Our Treasures in the Yard) 

By Alain Zedrick Camiling 

August 2022

By MakiSining, Group Exhibition
August 04 – 31, 2022

Morbus is an exhibition that explores the range of discourses, memories, and collective experiences around the idea of diseases known to the medical field and our ailing social systems. The artists in the exhibition attempt creative diagnoses to explain the discomfort and ills in our bodies, cities, and nation so that we may explore ways to mitigate and arrest the Morbus that debilitates us. 

The featured artists are mostly founding members of MakiSining, a collective whose birthplace or artistic practice is located in cities and towns around Mount Makiling. The experience of the place immerses each artist in the intersections of art, science, and cultural work, all nurtured by Makiling.


by Laya Boquiren

The Four-Winged Prophet
Curated by Abe Orobia, Group Exhibition
August 08 – 31, 2022

Commemorating Riel Hilario’s first death anniversary, this exhibition titled The Four-Winged Prophet is a tribute to honor his greatness as a man of many talents and passions—an artist, an educator, a curator, and a critic.

The exhibition shall feature selected creative works of Riel that have been put together to remind the audience of his contributions in the field and visual and literary statements from selected artists about who Riel Hilario was and is for them as a friend and colleague.


The Four-Winged Prophet
By Abe Orobia