Fostering a creative environment is very essential in the academic setting, as it triggers innovation and critical thinking among students. For decades, the holistic promotion of culture and the arts which are the main drivers of creativity, has taken a backseat in the academe. In the curriculum, priority was given to science and technology or business-related subjects due to the national intent to catch up with the demands of globalization. This has resulted to the Filipino’s lack of cultural awareness, appreciation for the arts and the possibilities of developing creative industries.

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The educational system’s shift to K-12 has brought a new promise for culture and arts education for the younger generation. However, greater priming for the older generation in this area is greatly needed to be able to teach this effectively in the various platforms of education, while the ones from the government and private sectors prepare the stage for the future movers of the creative industries. Creative industries have started to thrive in the country for decades now. However, the full recognition of its contribution to the country’s economy and way of life still needs to be widely recognized to its stakeholders and the public to justify its needed support from all sectors.

The summit will combine academic/theoretical input with multi-disciplinary and practical applications of creativity with the end goal of creating awareness among the target audiences in realizing the value of the creative thinking and creative industries and provide support for its growth in the future. The summit shall bring together educators, arts practitioners, the government sector and private sector in the fields of education, culture and arts, business, tourism, manufacturing, industrial design, public administration, science – health and environment, and other related fields that can work in congruence with the arts and spark creativity and innovation.

Organized by De La Salle University with the Cultural Center of the Philippines and funded by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts, in coordination with the other private organizations, the main objectives of the summit are:

  1. To deepen understanding on the concept of creativity, its application to various disciplines,  and how it can be harnessed for innovation and improvement of the country’s quality of life through providing a platform to share existing practices of harnessing creativity in the various sectors.
  2. To solicit suggestions and commitments leading to policy-making for supporting creative industries from the public and stakeholders.

For inquiries, please call the De La Salle University College of Liberal Arts Office at local (632) 524-4611 local 328 or the Culture and Arts Office at local 702.

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