The NCCA-National Committee on Historical Research (NCHR) Executive Council is seeking nominations for the 2016 Young Historian’s Prize. Now on its fifth year, the award is in recognition of the potential of young scholars on the basis of a single work in the field of history.

Winners will receive a certificate of recognition and a cash prize of Php 62,500.00 (Sixty Two-Thousand Five Hundred Pesos Only) gross payment [subject to applicable government taxes, i.e., less 20%].

Deadline of submission is on November 16, 2015 (Monday).

Nominations may be submitted through ordinary mail to:


Cultural Heritage Section
Room 3B, 3rd Floor,
National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)
633 General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila
Tel: [DL](63-2) 527-2205 / [TL] (63-2) 527-2192 locals 304 / 308

Guidelines and Procedures for the Young Historian’s Prize

(Approved and Amended during the NCHR in its meeting on June 17, 2015)

Qualifications for the Nominees

  1. Filipino citizen between 21-40 years old at the time of nomination.
  2. Executive Council (ExeCon) Members of the National Committee on Historical Research (NCHR) and employees of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) are disqualified from submitting entries for the Prize.

Minimum Qualifications for submissions/entries

  1. An original work that contributes to the enrichment of Philippine history and historiography [e.g. journal, article, unpublished manuscript, including thesis and dissertation but should be presented as book manuscript]
  2. Single authorship
  3. Demonstrates use of primary sources
  4. Written in proper academic style
  5. Published or completed work within the last three years

Documents for Submission

  1. Letter of Application / Submission
  2. Hard copy of manuscript
  3. Author’s curriculum vitae
  4. NSO-certified birth certificate
  5. Sworn-statement of authorship
  6. Two (2) endorsement letters from an academic institution, local historical society or practicing historian

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. Topic                           15%
  2. Interpretation           30%
  3. Data/Sources             30%
  4. Coherence                  15%
  5. Writing Style             10%

Guidelines for Selection of Jury Members and the Winners of the Young Historian’s Prize

  1. Selection of shortlisted entries/submissions will be handled by the National Committee on Historical Research (NCHR) Executive Council (ExeCon) Members.   Three members from the ExeCon will pre-select the shortlisted candidates.
  1. The manuscripts of the shortlisted entries will then be evaluated by a three-member Panel of Jurors that will also act as external reviewers.

The members of the Panel of Jurors will be selected or endorsed by the ExeCon; the members of the Panel of Jurors should be from the academe and/or have a vast experience and knowledge in Philippine history and historiography or the social sciences.

  1. The Panel of Jurors will conduct a double-blind review of the manuscripts and will be given five months to evaluate the submissions depending on the number of entries for review.
  1. The Panel of jurors will attend a deliberation meeting to discuss their evaluation of the entries.
  1. The panel may choose either to award the prize to one, two or three winners or not to name a winner depending on the result of their evaluation.
  1. After the deliberation meeting, the panel signs a certificate with the name of the winner/s or a certificate explaining their reason for not awarding the prize to any of the submitted entries. The panel is then informed of the names of the participants.
  1. The result of the deliberation meeting will be presented to the NCHR ExeCon during a regular meeting for confirmation and approval.
  1. Letters will be sent out to the participants informing them of the result of the deliberation of the Panel of Jurors.
  1. An awarding ceremony will be scheduled during a regular meeting of the NCHR ExeCon or on a fitting ceremony approved by the committee. The winner/s will also receive a net amount of PhP50,000.00 each as cash incentive.