The Philippine National Historical Society (PNHS) invites you to the 36th National Conference on National and Local History on October 22-24, 2015, at the Casa Real de Iloilo (Old Iloilo Provincial Capitol), Iloilo City. The conference is co-sponsored with the Office of the Governor, Province of Iloilo, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts – Committee on Historical Research (NCCA-CHR), and the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC).

PNHS is the oldest professional organization of professional historians and practitioners of history in the Philippines, established on February 2, 1941, with the mission to “encourage and undertake the study of Philippine history.” PNHS conferences and publications have presented researches on mainstream national history and local/regional histories that enrich the understanding of the cultural diversity of Philippine society. Paper presentations also include studies in related social science disciplines and the humanities.

In PNHS conferences, papers on local history (regional/provincial) and national history are presented, covering studies of provinces/islands and cultural communities that have not been studied yet, looking at periods from prehistory throughout the colonial period (especially during the 17th and 18th century) which have not been paid much attention to. Local history in the context of national history has always been the guiding theme in PNHS Conferences since we started this series on local/national history since 1978.

This year, 2015, PNHS is commemorating the end of World War II in the Pacific with Japan’s formal surrender on September 2, 1945.

The conference sharing fee is P3,500.00. Participants will be provided with a conference kit to include the Book of Abstracts and Program, abstracts and conference papers in CD, complimentary PNHS publication, and lunch and two meriendas for the first two days of the conference. Breakfasts and dinners, accommodations, and the Lakbay-Aral (on October 24) shall be shouldered by the participants. The registration fee for enrolled undergraduate students (with valid school ID) is PhP 1,500.00, inclusive of all the handouts given to regular participants. The registration fee will be discounted to Php 3,150.00 for PNHS members.

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