The 8th Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival ask filmmakers to “Tell the story of the people’s aspirations.”

pandayang lino brocka

Students, independent or amateur filmmakers and film collectives (also referred here as entrants) are encouraged to submit their works for selection and possible screening in the 8th Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival. Submission of entries is until July 30, 2016.

Entries accepted:

  • Works from varying categories: documentary, narrative, experimental, animation, motion graphics, music video, public service advertisement (PSA), and other forms of audio-visual new media.
  • Works should be about the theme People’s Aspirations (read about the theme here).
  • Works produced from year 2010 onwards. Works already submitted to the film festival during previous years need not be submitted again.
  • Special attention will be given to works on children’s situation and participatory video/media production as long as it is related to the theme.
  • Works screened in other festivals or awarded prizes previously are accepted.
  • Works submitted must be produced or directed by individual or groups of Filipino descent and/or produced in any parts of the Philippines.

What to submit:

  • A DVD of the work’s digital copy. Video formats should be in .AVI, .MP4 or MOV. A high definition (HD) copy of the work is highly encouraged. The DVD should include the work’s trailer. There should be one DVD per work. A DVD copy of the work may also be included in the submission provided video formats stated earlier are also submitted. Works in dialects other than Tagalog (Waray, Bisaya, Hiligaynon, Ilokano, etc.) should have Tagalog and/or English subtitles. Works in English should have Tagalog subtitles.
  • Separate CD/DVD for the electronic copies of the following:
    • Accomplished entry submission form (download here)
    • 3 stills of the work
    • 1 photo of the director/film collective’s logo
    • Short biography of the filmmaker/film collective (maximum of 75 words only)
    • Film poster
    • Film synopsis (maximum of 75 words only)
  • For electronic copies, upload film and other requirements to any online file sharing site and send the download link via e-mail.

How to submit:

Mail entries to:

c/o Flor Chantal Eco
601A, 6/F, City Tower Condominium, Brgy. Kaunlaran
1111 Quezon City, Philippines

E-mail entries to:

Rules and Conditions:

  • By entering the festival, entrants warrant that: (a) their entries are their original creation; (b) they have the right to enter the work in the festival and allow its exhibition.
  • There is no registration fee. Entrants shoulder the cost of posting/sending their work.
  • Entrants may submit more than 1 work.
  • Submitted works will not be returned. Entrants are advised not to send their master copy.
  • Entrants reserve the rights and ownership to their work.
  • Works submitted become part of the collection of Pandayang Lino Brocka and shall be used continually to develop and popularize the program of the festival. Works will not be screened for commercial purposes.
  • Entrants are automatically giving the rights to Tudla Productions to screen their works submitted to the festival for public viewing in different venues.
  • Only entrants with selected works will be informed as to the selection of their work for the festival.
  • The decision of the festival’s selection committee is final and cannot be challenged.
  • Certificates for special citations (Viewer’s Choice, Jury’s Choice, Breakthrough Film and other awards from sponsoring organizations) will be awarded. No cash prize is offered to works selected for screening in the festival and their producers.
  • Entrants are open/willing to attend and invite audience to the screenings, workshops and the talks.


    • Screenings are free of charge. In some legs, organizers may request for a minimal amount as donation to cover overhead expenses.
    • Screenings in the schools and communities will hold a votation for the Viewers’ Choice Award special citation.
    • An open a forum for mass criticism of the works will be held during screenings in the indigent communities.
    • List of films to be screened in a particular venue shall be announced prior to the screening. Order of films and list of films are determined by the film fest secretariat and programmer from the partner/host organization of the screening venue.
    • Other screening dates in venues not previously covered by the festival may be added.

For inquiries, contact the following:

Telephone No: (02) 412-1848
E-mail address:
Facebook Page:

Filmmakers can also submit entries by filling up the form below:

Visit the Pandayang Lino Brocka website for more information