The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (NRICH) of Korea announces the inauguration of the “2017 Asia Cooperation Program on Conservation Science”.

asia cooperation program on conservation science

The 2017 program will invite eight participants for the training on conservation science, research on architectural heritage, art and crafts and archaeology. The newly launched intensive training course, the 5-month session will be available for conservation only.

1. Training fields: conservation science, architectural heritage, arts and crafts and archaeology
2. Training period
– The 3-month session (5 participants): April 1, 2017 ~ June 30, 2017
– The 5-month session (3 participants): April 1, 2017 ~ August 31, 2017
3. Conditions for 5-month session
– Satisfy common applicant conditions same as the 3-month session (refer to attached file)
– Mandatorily accompany concrete research material for analysis research (sample, specimen, etc.)
– Apply the result of the study to seminar, symposium or conference at the end of the training session

Any person who has minimum 3 year experience in national or state institutes of cultural heritage as well as who holds good written and oral communication skills in English can apply to the program.

Deadline of submission of application is February 3, 2017.

Download: 2017_ACPCS_Guidelines_and_Application.doc

Visit the NRICH website for more information.