The 1st Budayaw: 2017 BIMP-EAGA Festival on Culture and Arts will happen from September 20-24, 2017 in General Santos City.

The 1st Budayaw: 2017 BIMP-EAGA Festival on Culture and Arts, a multidimensional  and  multidisciplinary  festival  of arts  and culture of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the East-ASEAN Growth Area (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines) will take place in General Santos City and Sarangani Province on September 20 – 24, 2017. 

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With the theme “Taking Pride in the Creative Diversity of the BIMP-EAGA Region,” the festival will showcase the diversity of creative expressions of the region. The five-day fest shall gather around 300 contemporary artists and indigenous cultural masters. The creative works of cultural masters,  artists and cultural practitioners coming from the four countries will be simultaneously showcased in various venues in Mindanao, Philippines, particularly in General  Santos City and in the Province of Sarangani.

The  Budayaw  Festival will be held every two years rotating in the four member countries. The Philippines was suggested to launch the  Festival in 2017 in time with the 50th  Anniversary of the ASEAN which the country is also hosting.

BIMP-EAGA   was established in 1994 to address the social and economic development of the less developed and remote territories on the eastern side of BIMP. The focus areas include the following: the entire sultanate of Brunei  Darussalam;  the provinces of Kalimantan, Sulawesi,  Maluku and West  Papua of Indonesia;  the states of Sabah and Sarawak and the federal territory of Labuan in Malaysia;  and Mindanao and the province of Palawan in the Philippines.

To streamline the strategic focus of the  BIMP-EAGA, four pillars were agreed upon by the leaders of the four countries: Enhancing connectivity, Establishing   BIMP-EAGA as a food basket for ASEAN,  Promoting   BIMP-EAGA as a regional tourism destination,    and  Ensuring sustainable management of the  Environment.

In 2012,  during the  10th  BIMP-EAGA Summit,  the leaders expressed that social and cultural activities can contribute in laying the foundation for greater understanding among the diverse communities within the sub-region. Thus, in 2014, the Socio-cultural and Education Pillar (SCE) was formally added as the fifth  Pillar of the BIMP-EAGA Cooperation appointing the  Philippines as Chairman of the Socio-cultural Development Working Group and  Malaysia as the  Chair for Education from  2015-2016. Being the de facto Department of Culture,  the National Commission for Culture and the Arts represents the Philippines in the working group.

For the years 2015-2025, the  Philippines has committed to implement three projects:   An Inventory of Artists and Cultural Organization in the region, an Exhibit of Textiles from BIMP-EAGA and the  2017 Budayaw  Festival. 

 budayaw schedule of events

budayaw schedule of events

Festival Highlights

  • “Bulos  Kana!  Selmat  Datengln Photo  Exhibit and interactive lectures on the landscapes and peoples of the  EAGA region.
  • Intertwining  Dreams  for  Harmony  and Peace: Master IKAT Weavers  Pavilion  Showcase
  • Narratives of Earth  Music:  Tell-tales of the  EAGA Indigenous  Virtuosos in traditional music.
  • Jewels of the  EAGA: Performance showcase of Contemporary  Artists.
  • Young Voices Rising for  Peace: Invitational  Choral  Concert  Performance.
  • Under  One Sky: EAGA Collaborative Installation Art and EAGA Visual  Arts Exhibition.
  • Film  and  Digital  Arts  Festival
  • Special  Events: Collaborative  Performances,  Community  Outreach and  Hosted  Community Tours and  Creative  Interactions.

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