Bonbon Festival 2017 is an eco-cultural festival that started in 2015 spearheaded by LTN Events and Lipa Actors Company.

The festival aims to provide artistic opportunities to local artists and at the same time creating an environmental platform of promoting and preserving Taal Lake, Volcano, and its environment. It is also poised to collect experiences from organizing, creating, studying and working with communities on lakeshore Taal. Bonbon is directed to complete its 10-year cycle in 2024 as a community work in progress. The community consists of thirteen municipalities and cities surrounding the lake basin.

bonbon festival 2017

This year’s theme Celebrating Arts. Celebrating Taal will highlight community and artists engagement. The City of Tanauan is the official community partner. Tanauan through Honorable Antonio Halili will host the two-day event at the scenic lake front area of Brgy. Gonzales on May 26 – 27. 

The first day of 27th, Bonbon highlights community engagement activities such as street dancing, bangka and dragon boat parade, traditional Karakul and Rondalla performances, with the opening of Food and Art Exhibits. The 27th focuses on Artists engagement activities such as workshops, conferences, and the festival performances on the evening. 



Bonbon Festival 2017 opening highlights the participation of the community with host town/city spearheading the activities. The opening salvo traces back the history of Bonbon community believed to be lead by then Datu Balkasusa and Datu Dumangsil. A bank and dragon boat parade with the opening of the art installation highlights the opening event. 


Art and food exhibits participated by 13 towns and cities of Taal Lake. The exhibition highlights artistic expressions innate to Taal Lake & Volcano and even culinary traditions shared by Taal inhabitants unto this day.


Features local artists of Tanauan in an artwork situated at the lakeshore. There are 25 cemented structures (2x5ft) beside the road that serves as the artist’s canvas.


The workshop and conferences has its two component for children and professionals alike. Kwentong Kubol is an art encounter for children that comprises of Theater Workshops and Storytelling activities for Kids. The conferences/panel meeting dubbed as “Huntahan sa Lawa” on the other hand will be participated by Tourism Officers, Educators, researchers, and artists. This year’s theme of huntahan is “Celebrating Arts, Celebrating Taal” with guests panelist from NCCA, Provincial Tourism Council, and Batangas Artists Network.


Bonbon is also becoming a safe space for artists to explore, experiment and develop their art. The festival provides spaces and even discourses to local artists challenges and achievement versus its socio-cultural environment and economic and political climates. Summary, Bonbon is about Art and Environment, how can this two breathing being alive in a dynamic ecosystem that includes function, its processes and even disturbances and succession. 

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