The Poster Boy of Nationalism and the centenary of the moving image

Celebrations and commemorations are as much about reminiscence and inciting feelings that are familiar and those that are assumed to be relatable; as they are about facts – names, places, and dates. Hinged on the certainty of the when and how it is accounted for, this is markedly the case for this year’s celebration of the centenary of Philippine Cinema. Much like other milestones in our nationalistic history, this debate finds in its midst the trace of one man – Jose Rizal.

Rizal the polymath, the First Filipino, the Great Malayan. Filipinos know him in all shapes and forms, as a religion, as species of insects, and as a stand-in for numerous superlatives.  This July, the Lopez Museum, and Library, in commemoration of the centennial of Philippine cinema, presents Rizal as a blockbuster star.

Depictions of Rizal in film have been known to shoot its actors into public consciousness. Does nationalism still sell? How did it fair in the past? How far back can we trace this national phenomenon of Rizal as a hit-maker (and breaker)? What are its implications on our national memory?

This year, Lopez Museum and Library launches its lecture series inspired by specific subsections of the Filipiniana collection of the Lopez Library. Join Prof. Patrick Campos in its first run titled Replay: Jose Rizal The Blockbuster Star, on 1 July 2017 (Saturday), 2-4PM. The lecture delves into the rarely seen iterations of Jose Rizal in film, and the hunger of the Filipino public to consume these depictions. Rizal continues to be one of the most iconic and contested symbols and figures in Filipino history, especially in the medium of film.

Registration fees are as follows:

PHP 115 – Students, Teachers, Seniors, and Lopez Museum and Library Members

PHP 135 – Adults

To register please email or call 631-2417, look for Thea G. or Yna.

This Public Program is sponsored by Gourmet Farms, Inc.