Posporo(s) sets local music enthusiasts on fire on July 15 when Spanish and Filipino artists share the stage again in this series of concerts organized by the Embassy of Spain and the Instituto Cervantes de Manila with the support of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), a project aimed at showcasing indie music talents from both countries to give the two sides an opportunity to experience each other´s music.


After Maika Makovski and Myra Ruaro (a.k.a. Skarlet Brown) raised the curtain on this year´s edition of Posporo(s), Le Parody and BP Valenzuela take over the scene to continue the meeting between musicians from the Philippines and Spain that allows bridging the gap between differences in style, artistic forms and disciplines as well as distance.

Sole Parody, better known by her stage name Le Parody (a play on her own surname), is a Spanish musician and recording artist from Southern Spain. She is also a poet and an advocate of feminism. She began her music career as a student in Los Angeles and was a member of various bands in Madrid.

Le Parody’s work features African folk, Bollywood rhythms, Asian echoes, flamenco beats and a rave attitude. Le Parody´s innovative music is hard to categorize in one genre. It has been characterized as “beautiful discomfort” and “sensory overload”. Le Parody’s stage performances are highly eclectic and energetic, a jovial chaos which rejects fusion but instead uses poetic lyrics and inspiring sounds drawing from diverse sources around the world.

For a sample of Le Parodys´s style of music, click on the following links:


BP Valenzuela launched her singing career at the age of 18 during her first year at the Ateneo de Manila University where she was studying Sociology and Anthropology. In 2014, she released her first EP entitled “be/ep” and later decided to pursue a degree in music at the De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde. Later that year, she worked on her debut album, with Nicholas Lazaro of Twin Lobster and MOONWLK co-producing “Pretty Car”, “Building Too” and “The Fury and Sound”. This coming-out album, called “The Neon Hour”, was released on March 30, 2015. That same year, her first single, “Steady”, was released and featured in the indie film “Sleepless”.

For a sample of BP Valenzuela’s style of music, click on the following videos:


This concert takes place at the Social House in Circuit Makati. Launched on the 19th of February 2016, this newly established venue aims to rock the live music scene in the city. Lined up from Monday to Saturday, Social House offers quality live music and jam sessions to this burgeoning part of Makati. Popular Filipino bands such as Side A, South Border and Freestyle have already become part of Social House.

For the first time in Posporo(s), we will have a video installation by Mvltiverse, a multimedia collective formed by Derek Tumala, Megan Palero, Clarissa Gonzalez and Junie Linsoco that creates new forms in transcending the moving image through live performance, new media and installations. For more information: http://cargocollective.com/mvltiverse/ABOUT

It is not the first time that Le Parody and BP Valenzuela have been musically linked together. They were both involved in Vinculados, a project organized by DLSU-CSB and la mitocondria with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports through its HISPANEX Program in which 7 Filipino bands were asked to cover famous Spanish bands. BP Valenzuela covered Le Parody´s “Hondo Agujero” and fortunately, thanks to Posporo(s), they will now be able to perform live together.

More than Just a Concert

Apart from the concert on July 15, we will hold several activities during that week. On Tuesday, the 11th of July, Le Parody will perform some of her songs at oneMusic.ph, a digital music platform owned and operated by ABS-CBN Network’s Star Creatives Group, where thousands of viewers around the Philippines will have the opportunity to have a taste of our gig scheduled for the following Saturday.

Le Parody´s interest in music goes beyond creation itself, she is also keen on education. In her trip to the Philippines, she will interact with students from De La Salle-Zobel High School and the Music Production students of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde during two workshops, one for adults (hosted by Pineapple Lab) and the other one for juveniles, but both centered in the creative and linguistic aspects of electronic music.