The Philippine Historical Association cordially invites everyone to the Fourth International Conference of the International Council for Historical and Cultural Cooperation Southeast Asia (ICHCC-SEA) on September 14-16, 2017, in Manila.

malay world

With the theme, “The Malay World: Connecting the Past to the Present,” the participation of reputable scholars from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other parts of the world shall highlight the conference. The venues shall be the Manila Hotel (Day 1), De La Salle University, Manila (Day 2) and the National Museum of the Philippines (Day 3).

The International Council for Historical and Cultural CooperationSoutheast Asia (ICHCC-SEA) is a consortium composed of the Philippine Historical Association (PHA), the Malaysian Historical Society (PSM) and the Society of Indonesian Historians (MSI). ICHCC-SEA conferences have been held in Manila, Philippines; Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year, the Philippines will once again host the
international conference.

While promoting the historical and cultural heritage of South East Asia, the conference shall serve as an outlet for the latest historical studies on the Philippines and the region. It shall also be a venue for multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchange. Research papers with strong historical context on South East Asian Studies, Archeology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Education, Humanities, International Studies, Literature, Sociology, Political
Science and related areas shall be delivered. The conference shall, therefore, serve as a venue for the discussion of the latest historical studies, scholarly research, writing and teaching methods.

With the theme, “The Malay World: Connecting the Past to the Present”, the conference shall have the following objectives:

1. Determine the state of historical studies in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
2. Identify regional trends in historical and related research: methods, topics, and perspectives.
3. Recognize Filipino historians and scholars doing research on Malaysia and Indonesia, and their interconnections with the Philippines.
4. Recognize foreign scholars doing historical research on the Philippines.
5. Enrich historical education.
6. Provide a venue for collaboration and networking among scholars.
7. Make historical research relevant to contemporary needs.

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