What makes Filipino culture so distinctly vibrant and alive? Watch Buhay na Buhay on GMA News TV to find out.

On February 2018, GMA News TV will present Buhay Na Buhay TV Show, produced by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) through BUMS Inc. (Business Unusual Media Solutions Inc.), with the support of Senator Loren Legarda.

Buhay na Buhay is an eight-part special documentary series that showcases Filipino culture in an interesting narration and video documentation. Each 30-minute episode also features engaging discussions between Former NCCA Chairperson Prof. Felipe De Leon, Jr. and Senator Loren Legarda, program host and NCCA’s Dangal ng Haraya Patron of Arts and Culture.

Presented in the Filipino language, the documentary series seeks to give a broader audience an understanding of the eight living cultures as categorized by Prof. De Leon.

Each episode will feature one of the eight cultures, namely, Kultura ng Pagdidiwata (Harmony with the Deities, Creative Forces of Nature and Ancestral Sprits); Kultura ng Pag-uukir at Pag-uuma (Poetic Mysticism and Devotion to Islam); Kultura ng Pamamanata (Devotion to the Patron Saint and Village Community); Kultura ng Pananahan (Devotion to the Home and Family); Kultura ng Paglilining at Pangangatwiran (Culture of Reflection and Reasoning); Kultura ng Pag-aaliw (Culture of Entertainment or Sensations); Kultura ng Pamumuna at Pagtutol (Culture of Social Criticism, Concern, Protest); and Kultura ng Pagka-Pilipino at Pagkabansa (Devotion to the Nation and Being Filipino).

Distinct and apart, these eight cultures span both our nation’s history, as well as entire, disparate belief systems, schools of thought, traditions and innovations. Taken together, they allow us to understand our own complexities as Filipinos trying to negotiate a fuller appreciation of our culture. For though each culture is unique, they come together to shape our concerts of nationhood and nationalism. Nagkakaiba man, ngunit nagkakaisa. Ang bawa’t bahagi ng ating kultura, buhay na buhay!

Buhay na Buhay premieres on February 17, 2018 at 5:45 PM on GMA News TV. #BuhayNaBuhayTV

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