Is Juan, The One for Mariyang Makiling?

World-class Filipino artistry will once again be celebrated as Tanghalang Pilipino (TP), the resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, concludes its 31stTheater Season (billed as “Freedom Writers: Freedom Fighters”) with Nang Dalawin ng Pag-ibig si Juan Tamad, a new and original production based on National Artist Nick Joaquin’s story “How Love Came to Juan Tamad.” Literary critics describe it as the correct explanation why MariyangMakiling forever nurses a broken heart and why Juan Tamad remains a pop idol; a model for the young.

Included in Joaquin’s Pop Stories for Groovy Kids (1979), the play is a mash-up of popular folk tales, and follows the love triangle among Filipino legends MariyangMakiling (diyosa ng pagibig/goddess of love), Monte Banahaw (diyos ng digmaan/god of war), and Juan Tamad. Adapted for the stage by Rody Vera and directed by Jonathan Tadioan, the play is teeming with complex characters (including Ba’I, diyos ng lawang Laguna/god of Laguna lake and brother of Monte Banahaw), with no one being purely a hero or a villain.

Not only is this production a mash-up of characters (think: your favorite TV series characters visiting your other favorite show), there is an abundance of quotable quotes that will surely feed your soul (aka “hugot” lines). For the dreamers…“Hindi hinahanap ang pag-ibig.Hayaan mong sa akin kusang dumating.”

The story explores the different faces of love – spiteful, revengeful and selfish…

“Gusto konggumawakanggayumaparakayMariyangMakiling. Para mahulogsiya, madapasiya, sumadsadsiya, tumambling, at mabaliwsapag-ibig. Perohindibastapag-ibig. Gusto kong umibig siya sa pinakagago, pinakatanga, pinakatamad, pinaka-walangkakuwenta-kuwentang mortal sa buong daigdig!”

– a goddess of love falling for a mortal;

“E, anong gusto mo, mahalko? Anghirap mong paligayahin!”

“Nasaanka?Saankanagtago! Magpakitakana! Ibibigaykosaiyoanglahat!

– a narcissistic kind of love;

“Walanayatangmasnakakapagod pa sapag-ibig. Biruinmo, bawatsandali, iniisipmosiya,

iniisipkaniya. Hindi mapakali, hindimakatulog, hindimakakain, lagingaligaga. Laging

tulala, paranglagingsinisilabanangpuwitngmangingibig.”

…and a god of war breaking his boundaries all in the name of love.

“Lalo mong ikaila, lalongnahahalata.Tingnanmo, may bundok bang

nagpapawisnangmalapot? May bundok bang nilalagnat, tumitibokng 1-4-3?”

The iconic characters are reintroduced and given a “New Age-meets-indigenous” look through eclectic & colorful costumes (imagine Ba’I looking like a mad scientist and Ulap – a Cloud – narrating the myth), and the clever use of a minimalist stair platform set design which depicts a bayabas (or guava) fruit formed like a yin-yang.

The cast is comprised of TP’s Actors Company and guest actor Cheeno Macaraig. At the helm of production and costume design is Marco Viaña; composition, arrangement, musical direction and design, TJ Ramos; lighting design, John Batalla; choreography, Ronelson Yadao and stage management, Doray Dayao.

Co-presented by the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Tanghalang Pilipino and Hotel Kamana Sanctuary Resort & Spa, and brought to you by Yellow Pages, Nang Dalawin ng Pag-ibig si Juan Tamad is Tanghalang Pilipino’s Valentine offering. In this month of “Feb-ibig,” it’s time to explore the complexities of having the freedom to love who we want, to make choices as we please, and to standby with what you believe in.

It opens on February 16 and runs for four weekends until March 11, 2018 at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater), with evening performances at 8:00 PM and matinees at 3:00 PM.


Interested sponsors, show buyers, and block buyers may call TanghalangPilipino’s hotline 832 1125 loc. 1620 or 1621. You may also contact Ms. Lorelei Celestino at 0915 607 2275 or Mr. Juan Lorenzo Marco at 0999 884 3821. For more information, please visit and like our official Facebook page at  

Tickets are also available through TicketWorld at or 891 9999; and the CCP Box Office at 832 3704.