Approximations opens 8 November 2018 at the NCCA Gallery.

NCCA Gallery Approximations

“Approximations” is an exhibition focusing on the theme of distance or immediacy. In this exhibition, nearness, as it is understood in relation to the complexity of human relationships, desire and dreaming, the value judgment of an object, detachment, and apathy, and displacement, are opened up by expressing them through the use of texts, fabric, ceramics, electronic media, and found objects.

Precious Parreño, Kean Barrameda, Katherine Nuñez, Ferd Failano & Jezzel Wee tackles diverse subjects unwrapping each artist’s point of view of their own realities, they are all bound by the act of estimating, guessing, and roughly calculating how one can maneuver his or her self in a world that is full of uncertainties and tensions.

Approximations opens 8 November 2018 at the NCCA Gallery. The exhibit will be on view until 30th November 2018. NCCA Gallery is located at 633 Gen. Luna St. , Intramuros, Manila. Gallery days and hours: Monday to Sunday ( including holidays) 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For inquiries, you may reach us at Tel. Num. (632) 5272192 loc. 324 & 328 ,  Direct line (632) 527 2207 or email us at ADMISSION is FREE