We are now accepting entries for the 2019 National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Writers’ Prize. The deadline for submission is on August 29, 2019 (Thursday).

The NCCA Writers’ Prize is a biennial award given to five writers, one for each category, namely; for poetry, novel, essay/creative non-fiction, short story and drama.

The award, in the gross amount of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (₱250,000), will assist the winner during the writing stage of the project. The award is good for one year, after which a manuscript of the writing project will be submitted to the NCCA.

Applicants must submit:

  • an accomplished official entry form (Annex A)
  • applicant’s curriculum vitae;
  • three to five-page concept paper discussing the rationale and significance of the project; and,
  • the initial output of the project which shall be submitted in four printed copies (please refer to table 1 for the initial output to be enclosed).

Table 1: The categories, the language and the expected initial output for each category for CY 2019:

Category Initial Output
2.1.1    Poetry  (Chavacano) 10 poems; 1 poem per page
2.1.2    Novel (Waray) first 50 pages
2.1.3    Essay / Creative Non-fiction (Kinaray-a) 3 essays with a minimum of 2,000 words per essay
2.1.4    Short Story (Cebuano) 3 stories with a minimum of 2,000 words per story
2.1.5   Drama (Ibanag) 1-act for a full-length drama or two (2) 1-act plays

Table 2: The awardees/grantees must complete the project output as follows:

Category Final Output
2.1.1    Poetry  (Chavacano) At least 30 poems
2.1.2    Novel (Waray) Minimum of 50,000 words
2.1.3    Essay / Creative Non-fiction (Kinaray-a) At least 12 essays with minimum of 2,000 words per essay
2.1.4    Short Story (Cebuano) At least 12 stories with minimum of 2,000 words per story
2.1.5   Drama (Ibanag) Full-length drama (at least 3 acts) or Five 1-act plays

For more information, please refer to the following guidelines. (Annex B).

The deadline for submission of entries is on August 29, 2019 (Thursday).

All entries should be addressed and submitted to:

Policy / Plan Formulation and Programming Division (P/PFPD) – Arts Section
NCCA Building, 633 General Luna St., Intramuros, Manila
Attention: Subcommission on the Arts
Telephone Nos: (02) 522-2084 (DL) / (02) 527-2192 (TL) local. 527 & 511
Fax Nos: (02) 527-2198 / (02) 527-2209 / (02) 527-2194
E-mail: ppfpd@ncca.gov.ph