The National Commission for Culture and the Arts is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Young Historian’s Prize.

The Young Historian’s Prize is a prize in recognition of the potential of young Filipino scholars on the basis of their single original work in the field of Philippine history and historiography intended to foster a sense of national identity, pride, and national interest of the country.


The Young Historian’s Prize shall be given to an individual whose work has met the following criteria:

1. The nominee must be a Filipino citizen between 21-40 years old at the time of submission
2. Must be single authorship
3. Original work
4. The entry must be written in proper academic style
5. The entry can either be published or publishable work
6. Must have used primary sources that can contribute to the enrichment of Philippine history and historiography.


1. The CHS Secretariat shall announce the opening of nominations through media releases.
2. Nominations may be submitted by any academic institution, local historical society, or practicing historian
3. Nominations shall be accepted only when the following are submitted and attached with proper documentation:

3.1 A duly accomplished nomination form;
3.2 Authors curriculum vitae;
3.3 NSO certified birth certificate
3.4 Sworn statement of authorship;
3.5 Manuscript in a PDF file soft copy and three sets of hard copies;
3.6 Two (2) endorsement letters from an academic institution, local historical society or practicing historian

Nominations received beyond the prescribed deadline for the submission of nominations shall not be considered.

DOWNLOAD: YHP Nomination Form | YHP Guidelines


1. The YHP Secretariat shall appraise the nominations based on the completeness of documentary requirements.
2. The NCHR shall designate 3 members of the NCHR Executive Council to pre-screen the entries.
3. The pre-screened entries will be subject to evaluation by three external Readers in a double-blind review process.
4. The same 3 External Readers shall also compose the Panel of Jurors who shall discuss the evaluation results and determine the winner in the deliberation meeting.
5. The Readers/Panel of Jurors shall follow the following criteria for evaluation:

5.1. 15% Topic – contribution to historical knowledge and research
5.2. 30 % Interpretation- well-written historical narrative and interpretation based on the use of various sources
5.3. 30% Data/Sources -utilization of various sources (primary, secondary, archival, oral, etc.)
5.4. 15% Coherence – effective presentation and reinforcement of research objectives vis-à-vis topic
5.5. 10% Writing Style- scholarly work with proper citation of sources, and includes proper grammar and mastery of the language used.

The result of the deliberation will be submitted to the NCHR for approval confirmation and its decision shall be final and executory.

The winner will receive a cash prize of Fifty Thousand Pesos (PhP 50,000.00) net of applicable withholding taxes (PhP62,500 gross) and a certificate of recognition.


All inquiries and nominations shall be submitted to:

The Young Historian’s Prize Secretariat
Plan/Policy Formulation and Programming Division
Cultural Heritage Section
The National Commission for Culture and the Arts
NCCA Building, 633 General Luna Street, Intramuros 1002 Manila



Kalusugang Pampubliko sa Kolonyal na Maynila, 1898-1918: Heograpiya, Medisina, Kasaysayan
Author:  Ronaldo Mactal
Affiliation:  De La Salle University

Isang Pangkasaysayang Pagsisiyasat sa Pagkabuo ng Camangaan. Moncada, Tarlac 1860-1935
Author:  Jely A. Galang
Affiliation: University of the Philippines Diliman

Puod Romblon: Kasaysayang pampulitika ng lalawigang Kapuluan 1896-2006”
Author:  Kristoffer R. Esquejo
Affiliaton:  University of the Philippines Diliman


Kasaysayan at Vulnerabilidad: Ang Kabihasnan at Lipunang Pilipino sa Harap ng Pananalasa ng Balang 1569-1949
Author: Ma. Florina Orillos-Juan
Affiliation: De La Salle University Manila

Si Dr. Dioscoro L. Umali (1917-1992) at ang Kanyang Ambag sa Sektor ng Agrikultura sa Pilipinas.
Author: Janet S. Reguindin
Affiliation: Miriam College


Ospital ng Bayan: Isang Kasaysayan ng Philippine General Hospital
Author: Jerome Ong
Affiliation:  University of the Philippines Manila

Of Transportation and Transformation:  The Impact of Urban Transportation on Early Twentieth Century- Manila
Author: Michael Pante
Affiliation: Ateneo de Manila University


The Pulahan Movement in Leyte, 1902-1907
Author: George Emmanuel R. Borrinaga
Affiliation: University of San Carlos Cebu

Sakdal: Kasaysayang Pangkalinangan ng Isang Kilusang Panlipunan, 1930-1938
Author:  Marlon Delupio
Affiliation: De La Salle University-Manila

History of the Filipino History Book
Author: Vernon Totanes
Affiliation: Ateneo de Manila University


Observatorio de Manila:  Institusyong Pang-agham at ang Ambag nito sa Pagsusulong ng Meteorolohiya sa Pilipinas, 1866-1933
Author: Kerby C. Alvarez
Affiliation:  University of the Philippines Diliman


Epizootics, Veterinary Science and the Filipinos, 1899-1939
Author:  Arleigh Ross D. Dela Cruz
Affiliation:  De La Salle University-Manila


Escuela Nautica de Manila:  Nautical Education in the Nineteenth-Century Philippines
Author: Philip Vergel E. Ay-ad