The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is pleased to announce that the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Manila is inviting FILIPINO VISUAL ARTISTS to participate in the 3rd ASEAN Graphic Arts Competition and Exhibition to be held in August 2020.

In line with Viet Nam’s ASEAN Chairmanship this 2020, the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition, International Cooperation Department- Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam organized the abovementioned event with a theme, “ASEAN: Identity – Art – Solidarity – Development” as part of its initiatives to promote ASEAN identity. Further, the foregoing cultural event aims to create a forum for graphic artists in the ASEAN Member States (AMS) to exchange and introduce new printmaking artworks in the ASEAN region as well as culture, people and life of each member country in a solid and dynamic community.


Below are the details of the said competition:

  1. The artwork themes are free topics on life, contemporary issues in each AMS, the solidarity, friendship, cooperation and development of culture and the arts in ASEAN countries;
  2. The participating artworks should be prints in the following types:
    • Relief print
    • Intaglio print
    • Collagraph
    • Planography (lithography)
    • Stencil print
    • Monotype/monoprint
    • Cyanotype (blue print)
    • Gumprint
    • Digital print
    • Dimensional prints like print installation, printmaking book art, and multi-layered prints.;
  1. Artworks shall have been created since 2017 up to now;
  2. For PRIMARY selection of artworks (electronic submission only)
    1. Each participant can send a maximum of three (3) artworks for the preliminary competition.
    2. The submission includes one (1) file of photo in JPG format with high quality (5MB-300dpi) and a file of the introduction on the participant and the artwork. (kindly click the google drive link below. Download and fill out artwork’s label form).
    3. File name should be saved in the following order:
      Country – Name of participant –Title of artwork – Year – Artwork type – Size.
    4. Submissions shall be made via email, and should not be later than 10:00 AM on 26 May 2020, Tuesday.
    5. The primary selection will be made by the organizing committee in Viet Nam.
  1. Requirements for the SELECTED artworks for exhibition in Viet Nam:
    1. Artworks should meet the professional requirements of printmaking art, i.e., sign up information on the prints (name of the participant, name of the artwork, techniques, number of prints, year of creation written by pencil on the printing paper).
    2. Artworks must be sent without frames and should be packed in a sturdy tube or thick flat boards with a label indicating ‘Printed matter. No Commercial Value.”
    3. The size of artwork is regulated according to the printing paper: not less than 40cm and will not exceed 150 cm for one side. In case that the artwork includes more than one panel, the total size should meet the abovementioned standards.
    4. The size of the multi-dimensional artworks (print installation, printmaking book art): the exhibiting area should not exceed 2m in every dimension.
    5. Awarded artworks will be announced and the prize will be given in the Opening Ceremony of the said exhibit. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners will be asked to participate in the Opening Ceremony in Ha Noi and will be provided with international airfare, including 3-day accommodation, meals, and local transportation while in Viet Nam.


Accordingly, the NCCA will facilitate the official nomination and transmittal of the electronic files and actual artworks (if selected) to the organizing committee.

Should any Philippine nomination/entry be selected, further communication with the artist/s will be made by the NCCA’s International Affairs Section in due course.                                                                          

For further inquiries, you may reach Mr. Benedict Manaog of the International Affairs Section via email,                                   


Artwork Label Form