The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is now accepting project proposals for the 2021 celebration of National Heritage Month. Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 439, s. 2003, May of every year is National Heritage Month. For 2021, the celebration shall carry the theme “Victory and Humanity: Upholding Filipino Heritage and Identity” in solidarity with the commemorations of the 500th anniversary of the Victory at Mactan (27 April 2021) and the 500th anniversary of the Philippine part in the first circumnavigation of the world (16 March – 29 October 2021). The deadline for submission of proposals is on October 15, 2020 (Thursday).

Budget per Project:

PhP500,000.00 per project or slot; Slots open for application: 4 slot/s (1 NCR, 1 Luzon, 1 Visayas, 1 Mindanao)

Qualification of Proponents:

Local government units, educational institutions, and civil society organizations, Peoples Organization, indigenous people’s organization

Requirements for Submission:

  1. NCCA Certificate of Accreditation (See Accreditation Procedure and Guidelines)
  2. Accomplished project proposal form with detailed Line Item Budget, Schedule of Activities, and Work & Financial Plan, duly signed by the Proponent on each page
  3. Evidence that the project has support within the local or regional community.
  4. Evidence that specialists have been consulted if the project interprets historical or cultural facts.

Criteria for Evaluation:

  1. The proposal must contain a line-up of activities relative to the conservation, preservation, and promotion of the Philippine cultural heritage (i.e. exhibitions, workshops, lectures, clean-up drives, competitions, etc.).
  2. The proposed activities must be in line with the theme of the National Heritage Month 2021 (Victory and Humanity: Upholding Filipino Heritage and Identity).
  3. The proposal must strictly be implemented during the month of May 2021 and should not exceed for more than a week, to highlight the observance of the National Heritage Month. Under no circumstance shall the activities be implemented outside the month of May.
  4. Greater consideration will be given to projects that
    1. are regional, provincial, or multi-area in nature
    2. involve active partnerships between organizations
    3. have counterpart funding which exceed the grant and/or which consist primarily of cash contributions.
  5. The proposal should also exemplify the following Principles of Implementation:
    1. Highlight cultural properties that are locally, regionally or nationally significant, especially those in immediate danger of being lost or destroyed.
    2. Respect the carrying capacity of sites and authenticity of cultural properties involved in the activities
    3. Exhibit a high degree of quality including high standards for planning and design
    4. Establish realistic and clearly defined outcomes.
    5. Can be completed in a timely manner.
    6. Include evaluation criteria to measure success of stated goals.

The proposal must provide a contingency plan in the event of the imposition of stringent limitations on the movement and transportation of people, strict regulation of operating industries, and prohibition of mass gatherings, and other man-made or natural disasters thereby constraining the mounting of the proposed activities.


  1. Proposals received beyond the announced deadline for submission, i.e., October 15, 2020 (Thursday) shall not be considered.
  2. A proponent can only submit one project proposal.
  3. The proponent must fully accomplish the prescribed NCCA Project Proposal Form .
  4. Proponents must be accredited by the Commission as a prerequisite  to the approval of their project proposal. Thus, all proponents must settle and complete all pending projects from 2019 and previous years, including the liquidation of such to be able to avail of 2021 grants. Refer to this link for more details:
  5. Officials, employees, and Executive Council Members (ExeCom) and their relatives up to the fourth civil degree of affinity and consanguinity are disqualified from submitting proposals.
  6. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all proposals must demonstrate adherence to minimum public health standards.
  7. The head of the organization is required to sign all the pages of the proposal.
  8. The project proposal may be accomplished in Filipino or English.
  9. An incomplete project proposal may constrain the Commission from acting favorably on it.


All project proposals should be addressed and submitted to:

Cultural Heritage Section
National Commission for Culture and the Arts
Room 3B, Third Floor
NCCA Building 633 General Luna Street, Intramuros 1002 Manila, Philippines
Tel No: (+63) 926-062-6345