This month of October, we will be celebrating the Museums and Galleries Month 2020 with the theme “Engaging Exhibitions for Emerging Generations” to highlight the role of exhibitions mounted by museums and galleries in shaping the future as they engage new audiences.

As spaces of experience, exhibitions mirror the collective interests and concerns of society while at the same time, challenging their preconceptions and ideologies. As such, museums and galleries serve as hosts for discourse and dialogue to ensure meaningful engagements with visitors.

This year, we envision seeing museums, galleries, and other organizations to join the MGM campaign by organizing activities that will highlight the issues of interpretation, exhibition design and visitor experience.



The Museums and Galleries Month (MGM) is observed every month of October by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 798, s. 1991. It underscores the importance of arousing national consciousness and pride in our rich Filipino culture and heritage embodying the aspirations of the nation, expressed in all media of art as well as historical and religious artifacts. This rich Filipino cultural heritage embodies the aspiration of the nation. The observance recognizes that these cultural and art forms are necessary for nation-building and shaping the national destiny.



ARTarp Banner Exhibition
October 1-31

The ARTarp Banner Exhibition is back again this year from the streets of Intramuros to the bustling roads of the City of Manila in partnership with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and Local Government of Manila thru Department of Tourism, Culture, and Arts of Manila.

The banners are hung across Roxas Boulevard, Espana Avenue, and Quezon Boulevard in front of Kartilya ng Katipunan and along Quiapo to bring the exhibit to the people traversing open road. The artworks featured are from the NCCA Gallery’s past grant exhibitions and 2020 Mindanao Art.

MGM K N B?: A Museums and Galleries Month Webinar Series
Tuesdays and Thursdays of October

MGM Ka Na Ba? is a webinar series organized in celebration of the Museums and Galleries Month 2020 in partnership with the Alliance of Greater Manila Area Museums and Gateway Gallery. 

The series’ primary goal is to extend the MGM education campaign leg to the general public by providing free webinars online. Further, it aims to increase the interest of people in working for museums, galleries, and other  cultural institutions.

Mindanao Art
October 21-31

Mindanao’s creative community charts exciting new ways forward as visual artists from all over the island celebrate Mindanao Art 2020. This despite the limitations set by the pandemic. 

Now in its second year, Mindanao Art is spearheaded by Lawig Diwa Foundation Inc., in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and Malayan Colleges of Mindanao in Davao City. It will showcase paintings, sculptures, and other creative works by artists from different parts of Mindanao. World-renowned artists will exhibit alongside promising new names in the largest art fair in the island, while MinArt Talks, the fair’s conference, will feature some of Mindanao’s leading cultural workers, curators, and art critics gather to discuss the latest issues that affect Mindanao’s art scene and more. 

This year’s fair and conference will be held with the theme ‘Living Art in a New Landscape,’ taking on the challenges presented by the global COVID-19 Pandemic as opportunities to innovate and take the visual arts onward. Artworks will be exhibited on Mindanao Art’s E- Gallery, viewable to anyone in the world staying at home with an internet connection. MinArt Talks will also go online, with key speakers to give pre-recorded lectures before taking part in a live online & panel session. 

Mindanao Art runs for two weeks starting 21 October, with MinArt Talks Online starting on 26 October 2020. There will be a limited physical exhibit at the Malayan Colleges of Mindanao campus in Davao City on a by-appointment-only basis to follow the IATF COVID-19 preventive protocols. 

Visit to explore Mindanao Art 2020’s exciting features, and like and follow the Mindanao Art Facebook page to check out videos featuring some of Mindanao’s best artists.

A Call to Transform: Manila Museums Summit 2020
October 27-30
Zoom Webinar


The Metropolitan Museum of Manila and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in collaboration with the Alliance of Greater Metro Manila Museums (AGMAM) invite museum professionals to participate in the exchange of ideas on the issues, challenges, and opportunities concerning the museum community.

The summit envisions to cultivate a critical understanding on the directions museums are moving towards and the strategies implemented by different institutions in adapting to these precarious times. The event brings together museum and cultural leaders in the Philippines and across the globe to lead a series of dialogues which aim to support museums as we re-orient our programs and objectives—not only to re-define but also to re-invigorate our roles within our communities. Program and registration details to be announced soon so stay tuned by following MET Museum and AGMAM social media pages!

Download the complete list of activities here. 



  • Hanging of 2020 MGM official streamers in all government agencies, including regional offices, local government units, and Philippine embassies and consulates;
  • Development, production, distribution and posting of information, education, and communication materials for 2020 MGM which include collaterals designed by NCCA;
  • Participation in the online campaign thread about the celebration by uploading photos, news features and other information relative to MGM 2020 using the hashtag: #MGM2020PH; #MuseumsAndGalleriesMonth;
  • Uploading and sharing of Museums and Galleries Month advocacy materials in government agencies’ website and social media accounts;
  • Feature the organization’s Calendar of Activities and MGM advocacy materials in their official websites, social media accounts and publications.
  • Organizing and participating in museum and gallery related activities such as online lecture demonstrations, workshops, and outdoor exhibits;
  • Submission of proposed activities on or before September 15, 2020 to be included in the Calendar of Activities; and
  • Activity Implementation Report to NCCA through on or before November 9, 2020.


For immediate concerns, kindly contact Mr. Emmanuel Mabagos of the MGM Secretariat through mobile number +639568001095.