ASEAN-Korea Music Festival 2020
Seoul, Korea
06 December 2020

Korea’s TV network Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) will hold the ASEAN-Korea Music Festival on 06 December 2020 featuring prominent talents from the ASEAN member countries and Korea.  The festival aims to connect ASEAN and Korea through the universal language of music and lead to an exchange of cultures and strengthened mutual solidarity.

Dubbed, ROUND 2020, Korean musicians will perform live on the main platform stage in Seoul, while the 10 ASEAN countries’ recorded performance will be broadcasted during the 10-hour concert on YouTube and include real-time communication from audiences around the world.  For the Korean audience, it will be broadcasted on KBS 1TV’s “All That Music.”

ROUND 2020 will feature musicians from various genres. The Philippines’ bid is indie folk/pop band, Ben&Ben which has been making waves across the country as one of the leading bands since 2015. The band is known for their popular hits, “Ride Home”, “Leaves”, “Maybe the Night”, “Pagtingin”, “Lifetime”, “Doors” and the critically acclaimed “Kathang Isip”.

Aside from Ben&Ben, the concert will also feature Cambodia’s Small World Small Band; Laos’ Aluna Thavonsouk; Malaysia’s Zamaera; Myanmar’s Thar Dee Lu; Singapore’s Charlie Lim; Viet Nam’s Vũ. & Skylines Beyond Our Reach; and Korea’s DAYBREAK; BOL4; Sunwoojunga; SORAN; Song So Hee with 2nd Moon; Hoppipolla; George; and Elaine.

The AKMF is a project of the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (COCI) Sub-Committee on Culture (SCC) with funding support from the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund.  The National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines are the focal agencies of the National ASEAN-COCI SCC.