The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is now accepting exhibition proposals for the 2022 NCCA Gallery and Exhibition Program. Deadline for submission of proposals is on September 15, 2021 (Wednesday).

Since 2009, the NCCA Gallery, located at the lobby of the NCCA building in Intramuros, has been offering an exhibition space which provides young and emerging artists a venue for exposure without curtailing creative exploration and expression. Likewise, established artists are given the opportunity to share their conceptual narratives to the audience and encourage engagements in the arts.


  1.   Exhibition proposals may be submitted by any Filipino citizen or any group or institution based in the Philippines. Exhibition proposals from foreign institutions or groups should be coursed through the NCCA International Affairs Office. These proposals should be made in consonance with a diplomatic milestone celebration, pursuant to an international commitment arising from Philippine membership to international organizations, or to implement the provisions of an executive program of a cultural agreement.
  1.   Offices within the Commission may submit exhibition proposals as part of celebrations, such as but not limited to: National Arts Month (February), Women’s Month (March), National Literature Month (April), Filipino Food Month (April), National Heritage Month (May),  Indigenous Peoples Month (October), Museums and Galleries Month (October), and Library and Information Services Month (November).
  1.   Officials, employees, and consultants of the Commission and the members of the executive councils of the national committees, including their relatives up to the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, are prohibited from submitting exhibition proposals.
  1.   No exhibition proposal may be approved for more than three consecutive years. Following three years of approved exhibition, applicants must wait for a full exhibition cycle before applying again.

Selection Process and Criteria

 The NCCA Gallery Secretariat shall pre-screen the exhibition proposals based on completeness of documentary requirements.

  1. The NCCA Gallery Exhibition Committee shall convene to screen and deliberate the proposals.
  1. Exhibition proposals shall be screened and assessed for approval and scheduling against a broad spectrum of criteria which may include, but not limited to, the following:

3.1. Relevance to the NCCA Gallery’s thrust

3.1.1.   Concept of the art exhibit production (e.g. subject, technique, style, artistic expression, and experimentation)
3.1.2.   Relation to other events or exhibits in the community and relevance to coinciding special and/or national events, if any

 3.2. Representation of an influential culture, movement, genre, or trend

3.2.1.   Objectivity in presentations of controversial topics and impartiality in partisan politics, religious and social doctrines
3.2.2.   Does not promote financial profit of any individual, organization, or commercial enterprise

 3.3. Ease and cost of installation

   Applicants will be notified of the result of the screening through an official communication that will be released November 2021.

Exhibition Program Implementation

  1. Upon notification of the applicants, the NCCA Gallery Secretariat prepares the exhibit calendar.
  2. Applicants of approved exhibitions are oriented about their roles and responsibilities. Thereafter, an exhibition agreement between the Commission and the exhibitor/s is executed.  
  3. Under such agreement, only the following items and services may be covered for each exhibition by the NCCA Gallery Secretariat [subject to the prevailing IATF regulations and community quarantine restrictions at the time]:

3.1. Appropriate exhibition space
3.2. Management of the exhibition process
3.3. Media promotions
3.4. Minimal fee for the following services rendered: Guest Exhibit Curator, Graphic Artist, Additional installers, and performers for artist reception/exhibit opening
3.5. Printing of Catalogue and Exhibition Collaterals
3.6. Electricity and necessary lighting fixtures
3.7. Security of artworks while inside NCCA Gallery/premises
3.8. Freight expenses of artworks for regional artist/s
3.9. Transportation and accommodation of the regional artist/s for their attendance to the exhibit opening or artist reception [CURRENTLY SUSPENDED] 3.10.              Insurance of artworks
3.11.              Audio-visual equipment and pedestals 

  1.   An exhibit opening or artist reception is optional [subject to the prevailing IATF regulations and community quarantine restrictions at the time].
  1.   A docent program may be adopted by the NCCA Gallery Secretariat subject to the promulgation of guidelines by the NCCA Gallery Exhibition Committee.


Application Procedures

 All exhibition proposals shall be submitted via the Google Forms link and will be accepted only when the following information is submitted with proper supporting documentation:

  1. Exhibit Title:

Preferred Month of Exhibition:
Name of Applicant (Individual or Group):
Type of Exhibition (Solo or Group):
Contact Person:
Contact Number(s) (Landline & Mobile):
E-mail Address:

  1.   A curatorial brief which shall contain the description and summary of the exhibition, and how the space will be utilized;
  1.   Statement of the artist/s about the proposed exhibition; 
  1.     A complementary activity (in the form of a performance, talk, workshop, webinar, etc.) proposal to be executed alongside the exhibition; and
  1.   Artist/s portfolio inclusive of updated bio data, digital photographs of sample artworks each properly labeled with details, and any previous write-up about the artist/s.




      • The exhibition proposal may be accomplished in Filipino or English.
      • An email acknowledgement shall be sent to your inbox after the submission. If you did not receive an email acknowledgement, kindly contact the Secretariat below.
      • Exhibition proposals received beyond the announced deadline for the submission shall NOT be considered.

All inquiries shall be submitted to:

NCCA Gallery Secretariat
Cultural Heritage Section, Room 3B, Third Floor
National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)
633 General Luna Street, Intramuros 1002 Manila, Philippines
(02) 8527-2192 local 328 / 09195470908 / 09277526130 and