We are beyond excited to announce that the registration for the second leg of Mga Durungawan sa Kulturang Filipino by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in cooperation with Cultural Center of the Philippines is now open!

Upholding this year’s theme: “Culture-based Education: Enriching Instruction, Enabling Integration, and Enhancing Contextualization”, the three-day webinar series brings to the attention of the participants the various windows from where Philippine culture is perceived and understood.

Register today:

This year’s event will be entirely virtual, taking place from September to November 2021. The three-session webinar series plan by the NCCA and CCP endeavors to cover a range of topics that would enhance competency in creating a culture-based instructional plan while boosting the educational dimension under the new normal scheme. The event also aims to provide a platform for interested in-service and pre-service teachers, educators and other interested participants nationwide to share further cultural practices, ideas and resources about country responses to school closures and other challenges stemming from the pandemic.

We hope to see you on the webinar series!

Please visit “Mga Durungawan sa Kulturang Filipino” Facebook Page

For inquiries, you may contact Mr. Mark Baoanan, Project Coordinator, through [email protected]