For 2022, the National Committee on Dance is targeting to put up at least 30 shows online. These productions are intended to provide a venue for the Philippine dance community to present the best works of dance companies and groups if only to keep our hopes alive as we continue to traverse this period of prolonged uncertainty and find some continuity in the dynamism of the dance sector.

The NCCA-National Committee on Dance is calling on interested dance groups from different dance genres to participate in the different projects of the Committee.  

    1. The NCCA-National Committee on Dance is calling on 240 interested dance groups/ companies from different dance genre to apply to participate in the dance productions online.
        • 60 dance groups from Luzon
        • 60 dance groups from Visayas
        • 60 dance groups from Mindanao
        • 60 dance groups from NCR
    1. Application for inclusion in the NCD dance productions is open to all dance groups covering different dance forms: folk, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, modern jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, festival dances, and dances from the Indigenous Cultural Communities.
    2. Please submit a high definition 1080 – 24f/s video of a new dance performance with a theme “Dance of Hope” to inspire our audience and provide a source of hope and determination to move on with life as a way of recovering from the adverse impact of this global pandemic.
    3. The dance video should be 3 – 4 minutes only and shall have six (6) or more, in fact, having more dancers in the production is highly encouraged.
    4. Since the concerts will be aired via Facebook and Youtube channels, please ensure that the music used is royalty-free and has no copyright issues. Both platforms will block the whole program should they detect copyright issues.
    5. The featured group will receive an honorarium of Fifteen Thousand Pesos (P15,000), subject to applicable withholding tax.
    6. The project is also a way of extending assistance to the dance groups/ companies, thus, in the interest of reaching out to more groups, the NCCA-NCD will accept only one entry per group/ company. If the group/ company can do the different dance genres, it has to choose which genre they are going to submit an entry on. Strictly no duplication of submission.
    7. Compliance with the above-mentioned guidelines will ensure inclusion in the project.
    1. A high definition (1080-24f/s) video of 3-4 minutes only
    2. One- page information sheet containing the following:
      • Name of the dance group/ company
      • Address of the dance group/ company
      • Name of the Director/ Group Leader
      • Contact Number of the Director/ Group Leader
      • Short profile of the group/ company
      • Short description of the dance
      • Photo of the Director/ Group Leader
      • Dance photo of the group

In order to select the best materials for the “Dance Xchange on Air”, the following  criteria shall be used:

      • Quality of the Performance
      • Choreography / Staging
      • Over-all impact
      • Quality of Video
  • December 27, 2021 – February 15, 2022 – Submission of dance video and one- page information sheet
  • December 31, 2021 – Launching of the Dance Xchange on Air


Let us continue to work together. Let us hold hands in this meaningful journey forward. Join the “NCD Dance Productions on Air”!

Chairperson, National Committee on Dance

Over-all Festival Director