“Unwinged Voyage” a solo exhibition by Larry Bacabac is exhibited from April 06 – 30, 2022 at the NCCA Gallery.

On April 6, 2022, the National Commission on Culture and the Arts will unveil an exhibition that displays for the first time the sculptures of Ugong, Pasig local artist Larry Cruz Bacabac. “Unwinged Voyage,” on view until May 30 at the NCCA Gallery in Intramuros, explores man’s fascination with flight through sculpture.

“Our bodies are not designed for flying,” explains Larry. “Our bones are not hollow, our lungs not able to process the thin air of higher altitudes. Our minds, on the other hand, have no such limitation. Through art, such concepts can be explored; and although art inspired by flight has already been done before, my works are my flight and the results of that flight.”

Larry has always been fascinated with the mechanism of planes. He tried studying aeronautics, but his love for the arts swayed him to pursue his Visual Communications degree in Fine Arts instead. Upon graduating from UP Diliman in 2001, he has worked extensively as a prop maker for theater, commercials, and events. Four years ago, he realized he wanted to use all this experience in creating his art sculptures.

“Unwinged Voyage” is a collection of sculptures that showcases Larry’s interpretations of the concept of flight; using his hands to build and mold his imagination in three-dimensional space through various materials like clay, metal, and wood—and whatever else he can put his hands on as a medium. Through his sculptures, he aims to create a dialogue with the audience on how flight is physically impossible for man, but we can soar and achieve incredible heights through the mind.

Aman Santos curates the exhibit with the support of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts. The collection will be displayed from April 6 to May 30 at the NCCA Gallery at 633 General Luna St, Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila. 

Under Alert Level 1, the NCCA Gallery is open for walk-in, fully-vaccinated visitors. Vaccination cards will be checked upon entry. Unvaccinated minors shall be allowed entry but must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated individual. Check the NCCA official Facebook page for any changes in Alert Level restrictions.  

Call 8257 2205 or email gallery@ncca.gov.ph for more details