One of the major mainstream groups, the Boholano speak a variation of Cebuano with very minor changes in pronunciation. The areas of densest concentration are in the municipalities of Talibon (40,770 NSO 1980)), Tagbilaran (54,734 NSO 1990), Ubay (48,134 NSO 1990), and Loon (30,034 NSO 1990). The population in the island of Bohol alone is some 845,751 (NSO 1980). Whatever remains of their traditional culture has long been gone.

       The general culture is lowland and coastal Visayan with intensive wet rice agriculture instead of the propensity for the production of corn as in central Visayas. The other crops are camote, cassava, taro, beans, bananas, and mango; with the latter two in substantial quantities. Copra is ubiquitous but abaca is not as much. Fishing is common in the coastal areas. Southern Bohol is known for the unique hunting specializations for whales, dolphins, sharks, and mantas which have influenced other areas in northern Mindanao.