The Molbog (also called Melebuganon) are found in the Balabac island groups in southern Palawan where they are estimated to number 5,292 (1990). The national population is 6,795 (1980).

       The Molbog are Islamic in religion. The agricultural base of the people is rather poor and the population density is very low. Cropping is combined with fishing for subsistence. Coconut is the only commercial crop. The fish resource base is rich but exploited by large-scale commercial ventures that supply Manila.


Distribution of Ethnic Groups by Provinces
(Arrangement: Population count)
Total National Population 6,701
Cavite 9
Davao del S. 9
Palawan 6,493
Pampanga 47
Tarlac 80
Zamboanga N. 32
Zamboanga S. 11
Manila 10
Malabon 10