The Sulod in the island of Panay (Bukid, Bukidnon, Mundo, Putian, Monteses, Buki) can be found in the provinces of Capiz, Antique and Iloilo, in the municipalities of Tapaz, Valderrama, and Lambunao, respectively. The language belongs to the central Philippine group. The population is within the range of 14,000. The dialects are related to Hiniraya, the lowland Kiniray-a. The adaptation is highland culture and Visayan in features with the subsistence base founded on slash-and-burn cultivation. The principal crops are upland rice, corn, rootcrops, supplemented by trapping and food-foraging. The cultivators are highly mobile; fields are shifted every two years and allowed to lie fallow for the next five years or so before being utilized again.

       Clusters of few houses compose a settlement. It is usually headed by the oldest man called parankuton, assisted by a younger man called timbang in community activities and conflicts. The roles are not hereditary. Traditional religious rites are numerous including 16 major ones celebrated by a baylan.

       The group is known for their epics, like the epic of Labaw Dunggon, which are among the most extensive in the country. And like those of the Ifugao, these are committed only to memory.