This very small ethnic community is one of the many Manobo subgroups, speaking a dialect closely related to the South Cotabato Manobo or Manobo Blit. When first reported in 1971, the group was comprised of some 26 individuals. The population in 1986 was 61 (NM) and concentrated in the vicinity of the Tasaday mountain due west of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato. The group is a food foraging group recently being introduced to swidden cultivation by their Manobo Blit wives, 17 of which have married into the group. They previously had been frequenting caves as habitation, and when initially found, were using stone tools minimally.

       When reported first, the subsistence mode was food procurement, with minimal hunting. The clothing used for both men and women were leaves of the genus Corculigo or ground orchid. Later, Dafal, a Manobo Blit introduced to the Manobo Tasaday the metal blade and other food procurement technologies.