Otherwise known as Itneg or literally, Itineg, which means people living near the Tineg river (Tinguian, Tinguianes, Itinek, Mandaya, Tingian), the group has been classified into several subgroupings: Adassen, Binongan, Inlaod, Masadiit, Aplai, Banao, Gubang, Maeng, Luba, and Balatok, although the latter might be a Kalinga group. The population range is 51,422 with concentrations in the towns of Tubo (4,535), Manabo (3,250), Sallapadan (3,525), San Quintin (3,370), Luba (4,746), and Boliney (3,694) in the province of Abra (NSO 1990). Outside Abra, they number most in Ilocos Sur (4,920) and Iloilo (1,113). There is a very close affinity with the nearby Ilocano groups with whom they have a continual relationship.

       There are two general groupings: the valley Tinggian which are an homogenous and concentrated population found in the lower reaches of the province of Abra that thrive on wet rice cultivation; the mountainTinggian that depend on dry cultivation and root crops in the higher elevations. Traditionally, the Tinggian live in fortified villages adjacent to the swidden fields. They differ from other Philippine ethnic groups in that their dress is basically white, with the women known for the heavily beaded and full lower arm ornaments. The village is the political unit with a lakay as the head, assisted by a council of elders. The indigenous religion recognizes Kadaklan as the supreme deity, often identified also with Kabunyian, and other animistic deities. The ritual specialists and healers are usually women. Prestige feasts by men, sayang, are common among the Cordillera groups and usually aspired for by most people with sufficient kin support.


Distribution of Ethnic Groups by Provinces
(Arrangement: Population count)
Total National Population 47,447
Abra 39,016
Benguet 343
Bulacan 11
Cagayan 228
Cavite 10
Ifugao 73
Ilocos N. 369
Ilocos S. 4,920
Iloilo 1,113
Isabela 397
Kalinga-Apayao 622
La Union 31
Lanao del N. 5
Manila 31
Mt. Prov. 53
Negros Occ. 9
N. Cotabato 11
N. Vizcaya 20
Pangasinan 9
Quirino 10
Rizal 11
S. Kudarat 33
Sulu 32
Zamboanga S. 10
Caloocan 20
Valenzuela 10
Makati 50

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