Concentrated in the town of Echague (12,920) in Isabela, the Yogad speak one of the five recognized dialects of Ga’dang (Gaddang proper, Yogad, Maddukayang, Katalangan, and Iraya). The people are almost entirely merged with the Christian Ilocano-Ibanag groups in the Cagayan Valley lowlands. The people practice intensive rice cultivation supplemented by corn and tobacco as cash crop. Except for the language, they are indistinguishable from the surrounding Cagayano. The national population is estimated to be about 16,718 (NSO 1990).


Distribution of Ethnic Groups by Provinces
(Arrangement: Population count)
Total National Population 16,718
Agusan N. 11
Benguet 12
Capiz 17
Ifugao 22
Iloilo 52
Isabela 15,445
Lanao N. 9
Negros Occ. 81
N. Vizcaya 31
Palawan 11
Pangasinan 10
Quirino 36
S. Cotabato 29
Surigao N. 10
Tarlac 10
Zamboanga S. 20
Kaloocan 10
Manila 48
Makati 83
Q.C. 41

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