Arturo Luz

National Artist for Visual Arts (1997)

Arturo Luz, painter, sculptor, and designer for more than 40 years, created masterpieces that exemplify an ideal of sublime austerity in expression and form. From the Carnival series of the late 1950s to the recent Cyclist paintings, Luz produced works that elevated Filipino aesthetic vision to new heights of sophisticated simplicity. By establishing the Luz Gallery that professionalized the art gallery as an institution and set a prestigious influence over generations of Filipino artists, Luz inspired and developed a Filipino artistic community that nurtures impeccable designs.

night glows
Night Glows, 1960

Among his other significant paintings are Bagong Taon, Vendador de Flores,¬†Skipping Rope, Candle Vendors, Procession, Self-Portrait, Night Glows,Grand Finale, Cities of the Past, Imaginary Landscapes. His mural painting¬†Black and White is displayed in the lobby of the CCP’s Bulwagang Carlos V. Francisco (Little Theater). His sculpture of a stainless steel cube is located in front of the Benguet Mining Corporation Building in Pasig.

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