Carlos Quirino

National Artist for Historical Literature (1997)

(January 14, 1910 РMay 20, 1999)

Carlos Quirino, a biographer, has the distinction of having written one of the earliest biographies of Jose Rizal titled The Great Malayan. Quirino’s books and articles span the whole gamut of Philippine history and culture–from Bonifacio’s trial to Aguinaldo’s biography, from Philippine cartography to culinary arts, from cash crops to tycoons and president’s lives, among so many subjects. In 1997, Pres. Fidel Ramos created historical literature as a new category in the National Artist Awards and Quirino was its first recipient. He made a record earlier on when he became the very first Filipino correspondent for the United Press Institute.

His book Maps and Views of Old Manila is considered as the best book on the subject. His other books include Quezon, Man of Destiny, Magsaysay of the Philippines, Lives of the Philippine Presidents, Philippine Cartography, The History of Philippine Sugar Industry, Filipino Heritage: The Making of a Nation, Filipinos at War: The Fight for Freedom from Mactan to EDSA.

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