Felipe de Leon

National Artist for Music (1997)

(May 1, 1912 – December 5, 1992)

Felipe Padilla de Leon, composer, conductor, and scholar, Filipinized western music forms, a feat aspired for by Filipino composers who preceded him. The prodigious body of De Leon’s musical compositions, notably the sonatas, marches, and concertos have become the full expression of the sentiments and aspirations of the Filipino in times of strife and of peace, making him the epitome of a people’s musician. He is the recipient of various awards and distinctions: Republic Cultural Heritage Award, Doctor of Humanities from UP, Rizal Pro-Patria Award, Presidential Award of Merit, Patnubay ng Kalinangan Award, among others.

De Leon’s orchestral music include Mariang Makiling Overture (1939), Roca Encantada, symphonic legend (1950), Maynila Overture (1976), Orchesterstuk(1981); choral music like Payapang Daigdig, Ako’y Pilipino, Lupang Tinubuan, Ama Namin; and songs Bulaklak, Alitaptap, and Mutya ng Lahi.

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