Ramon Obusan

National Artist for Dance (2006) 

(June 16, 1938 – December 21, 2006)

Ramon Obusan was a dancer, choreographer, stage designer, and artistic director. He achieved phenomenal success in Philippine dance and cultural work.* He was also acknowledged as a researcher, archivist and documentary filmmaker who broadened and deepened the Filipino understanding of his own cultural life and expressions. Through the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Grop (ROFG), he had effected cultural and diplomatic exchanges using the multifarious aspects and dimensions of the art of dance.

Ramon Obusan-Mabuhay-Magazine-1990
Source: Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group 

Among the full-length productions he choreographed are the following:

Vamos a Belen! Series” (1998-2004) Philippine Dances Tradition
Noon Po sa Amin,” tableaux of Philippine History in song, drama and dance
Obra Maestra,” a collection of Ramon Obusan’s dance masterpieces
Unpublished Dances of the Philippines,” Series I-IV
Water, Fire and Life, Philippine Dances and Music–A Celebration of Life
Saludo sa Sentenyal”
Glimpses of ASEAN, Dances and Music of the ASEAN-Member Countries”
Saplot (Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group): Philippines Costumes in Dance”

*from the citation

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