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September 09, 2009


Mucous Humor
September 5-October 1

Hardly is a painting phlegmatic unless it’s about something you couldn’t care less at all such as a painting of a potted plant.  But there is a world of difference between being apathetic and being desensitized or worse, being bored out of one’s wits.  But for someone who consumes paint as much as a painter cooped up in his/her solitary cube for the most part of his/her life, the rapacious want for a subject veers to a numbing gluttony for anything that constitutes form, color and all the wherewithals of a semblance of a painted image; this as a necessity as well for the maintenance of sanity of its purveyor, or otherwise his/her deeper fall into the pits of his/her own obsession.

Mucous Humor, the upcoming solo exhibit of Argie Bandoy is not at all phlegmatic :  Snotty– yes, messy– yes, a bit mucky-colored– yes, but not phlegmatic.  What’s curious however is why “mucous humor”. Humour is a branch of ancient medicine which deals with the treatment of human maladies based on the imbalances of the four humour in the body, namely the black bile which too much of it would cause someone to be choleric, yellow bile to be melancholic, blood to be sanguine, and phlegm to cause one to be phlegmatic. Phlegm and mucous at times are usually used interchangeably – as bodily secretions diagnostic of a trapped disease.

Yet Bandoy’s use of such term is not without basis as to how he probably attacks his paintings or how he paints them – with nonchalant indifference but acting on a spasmic intuition for the feel of material, for the feel for paint dribbling, rolling, smearing, blotting, staining, streaking, fumbling, scumbling on rough canvas and crumpled cut-up papers, the result of which are feverish attempts for congruent incongruence between expectation and outcome, abstract at its most flagrant slacking.